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Side by side ........
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 29 2007 14:48 GMT obe07
Jan 29 2007 14:59 GMT rhynnligwak
great, mother and child
Jan 29 2007 15:04 GMT Parens
Nice image!
Jan 29 2007 15:35 GMT senna3
An affectionate picture, goes to my favourites.
Jan 29 2007 15:57 GMT dreamowl
really a nice photo.
Jan 29 2007 16:58 GMT Adamus
A magnificent series.
Jan 29 2007 17:09 GMT ramichaker
very nice photo minz,keep on astonishing us
Jan 29 2007 17:50 GMT Lensvision
So cute!!!!
Jan 29 2007 20:52 GMT bennystr
Excellent capture!
Jan 29 2007 22:06 GMT Fialka
Very nice series of beautiful photos!
Jan 30 2007 02:35 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
Beautiful series!
Jan 30 2007 02:37 GMT Lagerstunt
This is just beautiful :-)
Jan 30 2007 04:54 GMT tengman
Great image !!
Jan 30 2007 07:29 GMT charlotte
a lovely animal!
Jan 30 2007 10:07 GMT Molivac
Great shot and series !!!!
Jan 30 2007 15:47 GMT Jeffami
A regal pachyderm pair. Lovely photo and nice series.
Jan 30 2007 17:20 GMT iyerhari
Jan 31 2007 17:00 GMT Kaska
very tender picture.
Jan 31 2007 21:43 GMT Minz PRO
Please see write up in previous ellie photo
Jan 31 2007 21:44 GMT Minz PRO
Please see write up in the previous elle photo.
Jan 31 2007 21:46 GMT Minz PRO
I was in Botswana in May last year
This was after I did the "Walking with Lions" in Zimbabwe we crossed the border into Botswana.
Tomorrow I am away back to Zimbabwe to go "Working with Lions"
Will be there for a month and I am so excited about it I can't tell you.

I will be helping with the orphaned baby lions and elephants with feed times,
walks with clients, bathing the elephants, cleaning up their enclosures and poos.....!!!! .Cutting up meat, doing snare patrols etc., etc.Work starts at 6.a.m. and finishes around 6 p.m. and I get a morning or afternoon off every 4th day. I will also be helping at an Orphanage on Saturday mornings inter- acting with the kids. Can any one get any luckier than me?

So see everyone once I get back on 3rd March or there abouts, if I am still all in one piece (Have to learn to ride a horse - no petrol for 4 x 4's) Should be
great fun - well with the riding of the elephants as well, I am not too sure my
poor old bum will be too happy with me and give me a lot of ..................lol
Jan 31 2007 22:04 GMT skopelos
Beautiful wildlife capture..one of the rare moments that are too hard to capture, but you did...well done...!!!
Jan 31 2007 22:07 GMT Dorado
Thank You My Friend
Jan 31 2007 22:14 GMT bazer PRO
wow the horse riding is great you will love it soft hands and body stiff you fall off soft you go with the flow you will love it i do have agreat time;-];-]ps lovely photos toooo
Jan 31 2007 22:19 GMT Minz PRO
Thank you bazer I am sure I will have a really great time!
Jan 31 2007 22:20 GMT fawn
you are really lucky! This is great series!
Jan 31 2007 22:26 GMT Minz PRO
Fawn I really can't believe what I am about to embark on.....
Jan 31 2007 22:28 GMT sini
Great elephants series Minz!!
Jan 31 2007 22:38 GMT Minz PRO
Thanks sini !
Jan 31 2007 22:39 GMT lacilu
Beautiful animal,great serie, thanks Minz...I love that animal
Jan 31 2007 22:40 GMT hevychevy PRO
hard to believe a mouse can startle such a masive and strong creature great shot :))
Jan 31 2007 22:46 GMT aquiles PRO
Jan 31 2007 23:06 GMT DGM
Hehehe This is a good catch!!! I hope Life Mag will discover it
Feb 01 2007 06:30 GMT toshkatakb
Lovely series!
Feb 01 2007 07:30 GMT bluefam
very interesting.
Feb 01 2007 08:52 GMT Kaska
good luck Minz with your trip! have fun and we'll see you in few weeks with more fabulous pictures!
Feb 01 2007 13:01 GMT watt4ley
Just love all your wild animal shots Minz,they`re fantastic
Feb 01 2007 13:45 GMT StavrosMoforis
What can I say? I LOVE all your wild nature fotos, but those with elephants....I just can't get enough of them!!!!!
Feb 02 2007 02:33 GMT bojtorjan
You're a wonderful woman Minz! What you doing is a great thing... "We are very proud of you".
We'll miss you... take care in Africa!
Feb 02 2007 14:58 GMT faenzu
very well done!!
Feb 02 2007 20:35 GMT eScargo PRO
Lovely shot Mintz!
Feb 02 2007 20:37 GMT eScargo PRO
Have fun on the trip - I do envy you - a bit different to the daily commute to work!
Feb 03 2007 20:46 GMT CAPRI
excellent series!!
Feb 04 2007 19:52 GMT marty001
What a life - great photos - safe journey
Feb 04 2007 23:30 GMT ashdad PRO
Fabulous shot!
Feb 08 2007 20:25 GMT GeoffReeves
Have a great trip.This photo is wonderful...
Feb 12 2007 01:00 GMT losp

Wonderful works and services Minz has done to the
animal kingdom - I liken you to the elephant and Losp
to the little bird, in terms of contribution to "public good"
involving the animal world .. I see too much private,
selfish good in both the developed and developing worlds
=> outstanding and unique Minz .. Best wishes of every
success and joy in your journey to Zimbawee and your
duty-bound stay there .. God richly blessing Minz wherever
she travels. ~~
Feb 12 2007 20:38 GMT wifey
Cool… an elephant with two heads… just kidding… wonderful nature!!
Feb 14 2007 14:58 GMT rhynnligwak
happy valentine's Minz

hope all is well with you
Feb 14 2007 19:06 GMT beus PRO
Feb 16 2007 17:08 GMT Poulet PRO
Have a beautiful weekend, Minz !
I always back here to see your great series ! :)))
Feb 22 2007 02:35 GMT lilulagongora
great pictures, exiting as well, love them, thanks
Feb 22 2007 21:28 GMT LizSA
Have a great weekend Minz....we are looking forward to those lion photo's..
enjoy Africa...although it is very hot...here...very very hot...
Feb 24 2007 13:06 GMT Luunhung
This is awesome Minz! Your series are so impressive!
Feb 27 2007 19:11 GMT 7den
Nice image! Great series !!!!!
Feb 27 2007 20:48 GMT CovAga
Lovely photo...
Mar 04 2007 20:18 GMT ichigiku
cool! an elephant with two heads:))
Mar 05 2007 21:40 GMT annaschnitfink
Excellent and touching!