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Skimming the loch for food !
These few photos are some of what I see when on duty at
The Loch of the Lowes (Osprey Wildlife Centre) in Scotland.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 04 2008 14:33 GMT senna3
Great shot!
Jun 04 2008 15:24 GMT Foggydew
you have a great occupation!
Jun 04 2008 15:56 GMT marijke06
the reflections....great!!!!!!!!
Jun 04 2008 17:56 GMT Minz PRO
Am a volunteer Foggydew.
The Wildlife Trust gave us a party on Tuesday to thank us for our Egg Watch duties which all us volunteers have been doing since March. Am now helping in the Shop Centre. It is wonderful there as there is an HD TV screen live on the nest. There are
cameras in bird boxes.(Blue tits just about to fledge) There are red squirrels, Woodpeckers, There are loads of other birds as well right outside a huge window section so we watch them as well. There are Pine martins and I saw an otter on Tuesday. It's all go ......
Jun 04 2008 18:09 GMT Foggydew
thanks for all the information - it sounds great!
Jun 04 2008 18:19 GMT Lensvision
They are following a pair of Osprey's in Scotland on BBC's Springwatch. Fun to watch every evening.
Jun 05 2008 00:20 GMT Minz PRO
Yes I have been watching Springwatch as well. Where they are filming is quite far away from where I go to at the Loch of the Lowes in Perthshire.
Jun 05 2008 04:27 GMT martini957
so beautiful
Jun 05 2008 08:23 GMT toshkatakb
Lovely shot!
Jun 05 2008 12:05 GMT bennystr
Beautiful capture!
Jun 05 2008 12:19 GMT lynnj04
, beautiful capture, thank you for your nice comment :-))
Jun 05 2008 14:49 GMT Asim237
Wow this is an amazing shot...!
Jun 05 2008 15:46 GMT SIGMUND
beautiful capture my dear!!!
Jun 05 2008 21:02 GMT dougrun PRO
I am happy that there are people like you that volunteer to watch over our wild lands! I love your pictures of Scotland, my families original home is near Dundee, but I have never been. Now I can see parts of it, thank you!!
Jun 06 2008 14:43 GMT Minz PRO
Thank You dougrun !
I live not too far from Dundee and if fact visit it quite often.
Jun 06 2008 16:27 GMT dougrun PRO
I will be watching for some photos of that area!! One of my life goals is to get there before I go !
Jun 06 2008 16:39 GMT Minz PRO
Oh dear, it is not somewhere I take too many photos.
However the Railway bridge photo is part of Dundee. (Go back a couple of times)
I will try and make a point at some stage to take some photos of Dundee for you.

P.S. Camerdown Park is in Dundee ( have some photos in my Archives)