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Cheetah October 2002


"Am not too sure about this waterhole and the jeep is too near really"
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Comments on this photo:

May 11 2005 01:37 GMT rescue193uk PRO
although wild, dangrous and a predator, simply cute and cuddly
May 11 2005 01:38 GMT Bali
May 11 2005 02:38 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
Sleek & thirsty! nice capture.
May 11 2005 02:45 GMT DGM
Scary!!!! Nice shot tho
May 11 2005 07:11 GMT kosmos PRO
Great pictures of the cheetah! It is so beautiful.
May 11 2005 08:44 GMT bluemoonbell
How flexible and cool!
May 11 2005 09:58 GMT thebillies PRO
Woah, great shot.
May 11 2005 12:39 GMT marissa PRO
beautiful and soooo sleek!
May 11 2005 12:59 GMT HMBPA PRO
Cheetahs are my favorite big cat, with their blinding speed and pretty coats...great shots!!
May 11 2005 15:41 GMT buster
such grace, a fantastic photograph,minz.
May 11 2005 20:40 GMT molnigen
I can imagine that - not for me
May 12 2005 14:40 GMT luscofusco
I'm afraid of this!
May 12 2005 18:55 GMT otadokan PRO
May 12 2005 21:16 GMT jboia
Nice series of big cats. We share a liking for AFRICA!
May 12 2005 21:18 GMT thebillies PRO
Thank you. I am teaching him. I have two boys here. One hasn't uploaded yet as I have hogged the computer. One is called nirvanafan. I thought it would give them something to do as they don't go out a lot. All the pictures though are done only by themselves. I won't let them cheat and so is the editing if they do any.
May 13 2005 12:37 GMT vapaiva
Thank you for the comment.