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Takeaway Metal Food Chinese


Hey Jagged, Chencheng.

Salt & Pepper squid, Singapore style rice noodles.

Sorry I ate it before the picture.
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 10 2005 19:27 GMT Pondy PRO
Me & Grimmers just had a pile of chinese too... no time fer fota's.. "Gu" for afters :)
Sep 10 2005 19:56 GMT Miniwood PRO
OK I looked it up:


You're eating this for afters? 'The energy gel for weekend warriors'?
Sep 10 2005 21:23 GMT Grimacher PRO
Sep 10 2005 21:26 GMT Grimacher PRO
Sep 10 2005 21:39 GMT Miniwood PRO
I just want you
I really love the things that you do
Come on and love-a-me too
Won't you be my coo ca choo.
Sep 10 2005 22:33 GMT stacey PRO
Oh god, squid? (shudder)
Sep 11 2005 01:44 GMT PhotoPro PRO
You can have my share next time! :D
Sep 11 2005 08:35 GMT Grimacher PRO
I luv ya yes I luv ya Yes I .. I love my coo ca...
Sep 11 2005 14:38 GMT Miniwood PRO
:D Not one of Pondy's favourites I imagine. But is it glam?
Sep 11 2005 18:03 GMT Grimacher PRO
Pondy says it's glam and he loves it.. can't stop singing the damn thing to meself now..:D