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I suppose anyone would be proud to see his granddaughter on the cover of a magazine.  For Rachel,...


I suppose anyone would be proud to see his granddaughter on the cover of a magazine. For Rachel, this wasn't her first cover but it was a great honor because it was the premier edition of the magazine. There was a big party thrown by the magazine which is a subsidiary of the "Time Out" magazine chain which appears in major cities around the world. The party featured several child stars along with Rachel including Jo-Jo who is a young rock singer with her own tv show and Raquel Castro who starred in the movie "Jersey Girl."

Rachel performed with her family band at the party. There was enough sweets served to rot the teeth of three generations. My wife and I were invited and we had a tolerable time. It was worth it to see Rachel, uber cool and self-contained, signing autographs for all the advertisers in the magazine who made up most of the audience and playing with their kids. The place was packed, noisy, sloppy and . . . necessary as part of what you have to do to kick off a new publication. To see huge posters of this cover hung all over the room gave me a feeing I cannot describe but is above and beyond the normal range of experiences.

For Rachel, it was fun that month to be walking down the streets of NYC and people looking at the magazine on the stands and at her and doing a double take. She enjoys people approaching her on the street and asking her questions and being a role model to other children . . . and adults.

If you are in or around NYC during the month of July, she is appearing with her parents at Lamb's Theater on 44th Street about 8 more times before they depart for the UK for a three month tour. Their show is something totally different and many parents take their kids because Rachel is performing. The show is social and political satire along with music that sticks in your brain and you will be sinmging in the shower for years. Imagine a 6 song rock opera showing real slides from a 1977 McDonald's corporate meeting to determine advertising policy. Jason takes their
own real words and turns them into a musical satire that has the audience doubling up with laughter. In one of the songs which is a real rock tune like ones from the sixties, Rachel does a drum solo in the middle that has the audience in disbelief. At eight, she was a beatkeeper. At eleven-and-a-half, she can bring the house down with some of her rhythmic inventions.

In August, the band will be performing at the Edinborough Fringe Festival and the advance publicity is raving about the band. They performed there last year, too and were the hit of the festival. In London, where they sold out the house for a full month last year, they are moving to a larger theater and the reviews from last year have people queing up to buy tickets months in advance.

My son always believed in selling the steak not the sizzle and his music is not an amalgam of what everyone wants. It is his show and he accepts the risks of not being swayed by what is popular at the moment. He is about old fashioned values and Rachel is about professionalism and leaving it all on the stage every night -- even though she appears not to be working very hard. She is that rare performer who can make it look easy, but try doing what she does and you learn quickly that she is not getting by on cute. She is a pro and that is the greatest compliment for her. Anybody can be terminally cute but not everybody can get up on stage and ad lib and be funny or drum and be compared to the top names in the business (right now to female drummers but give her a couple of years to build some upper body strength and we shall see who rules the rock). Or, she can pick up a bass guitar and was asked to perform with professional bands after studying it for 90 days . . .

It was nice to see her out of the scene last week when she visited. She's a special kid and I believe she landed in the best family for her. This familyu will not allow her to be exploited. She grows at her own pace. I can't say she martches to a different drummer. She is the drummer and she keeps the beat for the rest of us.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 02 2005 06:09 GMT magiceye
Jul 02 2005 07:26 GMT Pondy PRO
I loved your updates of fotolog and am so glad you're keeping them up here.. Rachel rocks!
Jul 02 2005 18:39 GMT Lela
she`s Amazing!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 03 2005 13:01 GMT JAX PRO
It must be wonderful to watch this happen.
Jul 03 2005 13:34 GMT danubian
wow you must be soo proud of your fantastic grand daughter
Jul 03 2005 16:56 GMT justdoinmything
it must be better for you that she is your grandaughter rather than your daughter takes away so much of the stress and worry...leaving more space for admeration!
Jul 04 2005 19:16 GMT montello
super nice
Jul 05 2005 07:48 GMT OverKell PRO
I'm so happy to have just stumbled across your profile. This is a great story and one that I certainly want to be kept up to date with. Rachel sounds amazing.
Jul 08 2005 23:06 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Hey Rachel, looking good!!

It is nice to be your own drummer, and Grandpa and all will help keep her centered!!!

She does you proud!! bandman
Jul 14 2005 16:39 GMT lorri PRO
Absolutely too cool! Way to go, Rachel!!!! :) :) :)
Aug 01 2005 15:32 GMT maiylah
i agree with all of them! you're one proud grandpa! :)