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house newjersey springtime


The house where I live. In a ticky-tacky world I picked the tickiest and tackiest of all places: Monochromatic Mount Laurel, NJ where shopping isn't an institution; it is a religion. It is a safe place to live because the police force has nothing better to do than to shoot potential burglars. One of the reasons they have nothing better to do is that there are no donut shops in my neighborhood. However, since the officers have to pay for their own ammunition, they rarely choose that option. The last burglar to invade our neighborhood got lost because all the houses look alike and ended up robbing the storage shed at the pool. He got away with a floatation device. He later learned to his dismay that it was defective. He was found sunk in the Delaware River a few miles away . . .

One thing leads to another. What I write isn't meant to make sense most of the time; it is meant to get you to think about what the world might be like if my vision of it were to come to pass.
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Comments on this photo:

May 31 2005 13:55 GMT FoxFotoFret
But you wouldn't leave the house or your neighborhood for anything, right?
May 31 2005 15:12 GMT magiceye
wow looks good!
May 31 2005 18:45 GMT AnorexicRabbitOnCrack
I think the house is beautiful. I've lived in the hood and it wasn't the best experience.

They really have to pay for their own ammunition? Wow.
May 31 2005 21:08 GMT cleftref PRO
looks a fascinating rambling place.
Jun 01 2005 05:28 GMT tony PRO
So THAT'S what your house looks like! Does seem kind of like a...managed...environment.

Welcome to Fotothing, by the way (I was boltylane on fotolog).