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Proverb Monday
Better late than never...

To do something that is right, profitable, or good a little late is still better than not doing it at all.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 13 2006 00:16 GMT sini
Great proverb...great entry!
Nov 13 2006 00:17 GMT Artbylu
I agree!!!
Nice words and amazing picture, amazing colours!!! :- )))
(por aqui costumamos dizer "Antes tarde do que nunca")
Nov 13 2006 00:56 GMT wifey
I would usually agree with you on this one… but after this weekend…that's all well and good unless you're talking about elderly care. :(
Nov 13 2006 02:06 GMT jceca PRO
" bolje ikad nego nikad " in serbian....
agree too !!!!
but fully understand what wifey mean......

your molly looks lovely as always !!!! :-)
Nov 13 2006 03:07 GMT jomoud PRO
great image to illustrate well known proverb
well done
Nov 13 2006 03:46 GMT Seamus
Good quote and photo nora. I always heard it this way:. Better late than never,but better never late. :-)
Nov 13 2006 06:53 GMT losp

Great shot and great proverb !!!
Nov 13 2006 07:43 GMT Elise
you're right.....better late than never :)
Nov 13 2006 08:39 GMT LizSA
You are right......and a very lovely photo....no a wowowowowo photo.......!!!
a very true proverb...and well known...thx Milibuh...!
Nov 13 2006 09:51 GMT Lubranco
Beautiful photo and true proverb. Great!!!
Nov 13 2006 10:07 GMT Dorado
Mas vale tarde que nunca, cierto, es valido en ocasiones, en otras se llega tarde y ya es demasiado tarde el tren se marchó................un saludo
Nov 13 2006 12:18 GMT DGM
This si very applicable in giving gifts or greeting somebody!

Thanks for the entry!
Nov 13 2006 12:48 GMT litz
excellent representation of the proverb..
amazing photo!!!
Great proverb entry..
Nov 13 2006 16:55 GMT Panda52
Una tortuga parecida a la que estan aqui.
Linda foto... hermosa tortuga.
(chi va piano, va sano e lontano)
quien va con despacio va sano y lejano
Nov 13 2006 17:30 GMT elbeaver
lol suddenly the turtles pop up :) nice
Nov 13 2006 18:10 GMT JaredFord
great picture!
Nov 13 2006 18:30 GMT tadieubone PRO
sobre todo para saborear tus deliciosos guisos, !!!!
Nov 13 2006 18:44 GMT Levistrauss PRO
Nov 13 2006 20:08 GMT josephnoel
Exellent photos
Nov 14 2006 03:09 GMT will
Well said Milibuh...and great turtle..!!
Nov 14 2006 06:51 GMT Scarlett PRO
Beautiful proverb and great turtle ! ;)