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Proverb Monday

• Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente.

Translation: The shrimp that falls asleep is swept away by the current.
You should never take things for granted nor cease to make an effort.
The unwary are overtaken (by events, progress, circumstance).
Don't rest on your laurels - you snooze, you lose

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 06 2006 00:37 GMT LuisBarbera
A estos se los llevaron ya....y seran cocidos y adobados con ajo....slurp...!!!!
Nov 06 2006 00:44 GMT sweetkate77
Absolutely right!! We must never cease to strive for the best in us...
Nov 06 2006 01:46 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful shrimps shot.............and so true, Milibuh !!
Have a great week ahead, my friend ! :))
Nov 06 2006 01:47 GMT jceca PRO
gosh... i need 5 dictionaries for this.... it's more clear in spanish :-)
very true...
nice shot, btw !!!
Nov 06 2006 02:55 GMT jomoud PRO
well photographed proverb
terrific entry
Nov 06 2006 03:52 GMT Seamus

Great entry nora. I like the snooze you loose explanation.
Nov 06 2006 06:43 GMT Danaya
wonderful entry..love it!
Nov 06 2006 06:53 GMT sini
Great entry...great shot!
Nov 06 2006 07:39 GMT hallo
I like your proverb and those fresh shrimps :)
Nov 06 2006 09:02 GMT Prikthai
I like the shrimps more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¨ lol
Nov 06 2006 10:33 GMT LizSA
Fantastic upload and proverb.....how true.....understandable....
you snooze you loose..........!!!
Nov 06 2006 10:45 GMT losp

Fresh prawns, wonderful words here ..
a brilliant foto with a great message !!!
Nov 06 2006 12:57 GMT litz
wooow!!! my favorite seafood!!!
Great proberbs indeed!!!
fantastic photo!!!
Nov 06 2006 13:48 GMT Bali
Well presented proverb!!!
Nov 06 2006 15:00 GMT Lubranco
Wonderful image and true proverb. Well done!!!
Nov 06 2006 23:05 GMT caroba
Great proverb, tu ingles es excelente!
Nov 07 2006 00:48 GMT wifey
Excellent! Great GREAT pic… and wonderful proverb too! :)
Nov 07 2006 01:43 GMT Monikaone
estaba leyendo tu perfíl y no puedo creer que seas amateur, las imágenes son maravilosas sobretodo me gusta uan que ya co´p sus mensajes, ese si que es un éxito
Nov 07 2006 11:59 GMT Riet
A very wise proverb! But aren' t they all?
Very nice entry, Nora!
Nov 07 2006 13:06 GMT JJAP
La foto ilustra a la perfección este sabio refrán nuestro!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 07 2006 18:57 GMT tadieubone PRO
sabio refrán!! buena foto
Nov 07 2006 22:02 GMT DGM
Good lesson. Dont sleep in your job!!

Thanks for the entry!!
Nov 08 2006 03:08 GMT pieters
nice one plus the proverb