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Auguste Rodin in 1881 created one of the icons of Western culture.
"The Thinker" is the image of a man sitting with his head on his fist, which has been reproduced in countless books, puzzles, movies, advertising, etc..

Now one of its medium-sized copies will be in Lima opened an exhibition entitled "From Myth to sleep" at the Museum of Italian Art (Lima, peru) , with the collaboration of the Museo Soumaya of Fundación Carlos Slim.

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 10 2009 17:34 GMT Lalbabu
Though it's a copy but it is absolutely flawless.
Jan 10 2009 17:41 GMT Panto1
Where is this statue then....as i've seen the Rodin one in paris museum
Jan 10 2009 17:41 GMT Milibuh
Lalbabu it's a medium copy made by Rodin...
Jan 10 2009 18:23 GMT Milibuh
Panto, over twenty casts of the sculpture are in museums around the world. Some of these copies are enlarged versions of the original work, and some are sculptures of different scales.
Here you can read all about where are them:
Jan 10 2009 23:06 GMT jceca PRO
so famous face :-)
like this series querida !!!
Jan 10 2009 23:31 GMT merce
te acuerdas de la expo de Rodin en la calle en Palma?
Jan 11 2009 17:35 GMT Milibuh
Siiiiiiiiii, me acuerdo siempre ..."Art al carrer".
Jan 11 2009 20:55 GMT Ometepe
Jan 12 2009 03:57 GMT Milibuh
Yo también amo a Rodin ... y siempre que viajo encuentro algo de él ; ahora, un lujo la exposición que han hecho acá...