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...and she began to whisper him some words...but his silence said all...
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 28 2005 21:43 GMT santolina
Nov 28 2005 21:43 GMT merce
tu jardín tiene un doble mundo, no? también tienes un david de piedra y un david de carne y hueso? ja, ja , recuerdo tus tortuguitas!
Nov 28 2005 22:02 GMT Milibuh
I saw this cat in the store and I thought...this is for my friends of Fotothing, when I put it in the garden Milibuh , my cat did this and I catch the picture...
Nov 28 2005 22:03 GMT Milibuh
Sí Mercè... mi jarín tiene un doble mundo ...dame tiempo e irás descubriendo todo lo que tengo por ahí...
Nov 28 2005 23:29 GMT Aurelie444
Nov 28 2005 23:34 GMT aquiles PRO
muy graciosa foto !!!.. milibuh bella como siempre y ... ¿traviesa también ?.

(lindo rincón ese en el jardin !)
Nov 28 2005 23:57 GMT aquiles PRO
...no todas.
Nov 29 2005 00:55 GMT jceca PRO
nice company, again! have a happy cat and a turtle...
Nov 29 2005 01:21 GMT SONN
I hope that he was just asleep and she was able to talk with him when he woke up. :)
Nov 29 2005 04:35 GMT blondy1966
Great picture!
Nov 29 2005 05:18 GMT fhelsing PRO
that's funny! :-)
Nov 29 2005 06:32 GMT Minz PRO
I love this photo!
Great capture.
Nov 29 2005 06:58 GMT Prikthai
Later you have a lot cats. :-)
Nov 29 2005 10:27 GMT will
Really cute photo and a great addition to your garden...
Nov 29 2005 10:47 GMT RiverRabbit
Whispers are never lost, for they are the echo's of the Gods. Perhaps a whisper comes from Lake Titikaka..

Not sure if I spelt that right.:)
Nov 29 2005 11:12 GMT Vampira
hey, hello, the answer for your ask aboutwhat the Barrichella's looking for is "for my sisters =]" thanks for your comment =D
Nov 29 2005 14:08 GMT Janecc
this is very funny one...hehehe
Nov 29 2005 15:05 GMT Lalbabu
Milibuh you are a great lover of animals specially cats.
Nov 29 2005 19:25 GMT martius
Pues tus fotos son maravillosas, te coloco entre mis amigos. Un abrazo
Nov 29 2005 22:31 GMT bertel
he he he /b
Nov 29 2005 23:57 GMT korni
very nice photo!
Nov 30 2005 01:31 GMT MissKelly
Hey You..
your pictures of animals and the ornaments are amazing
first the fantastic turtle
and now the beautiful cat
great shots!
Nov 30 2005 01:42 GMT Milibuh
Thanks for your words MissKelly ...
Nov 30 2005 14:00 GMT Ini
What such as that zit lovely to play: -)

Nov 30 2005 18:45 GMT charlotte
Nov 30 2005 18:45 GMT charlotte
Nov 30 2005 20:49 GMT Ruedi PRO
haha looking for bf!
Nov 30 2005 20:57 GMT curves PRO
Excellent......made me laugh
Dec 01 2005 00:25 GMT aquiles PRO
Dec 01 2005 02:11 GMT aquiles PRO
...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...sin poder jugar con mis palabras...gracias, muy bello. bello !!!!
Dec 01 2005 03:23 GMT lumaciel
uma gracinha!
Dec 01 2005 03:54 GMT Rocco
muy buenas tus fotos
Dec 01 2005 08:26 GMT ENZO
no arte moderna

arte solo

no nombres
Dec 01 2005 17:03 GMT LaaLoop
So, your cat has a company, but if your're still up to borrow one of mine, just call my name ;)
Dec 01 2005 23:15 GMT aquiles PRO
una sugerencia... aparta ya a Milibuh de ese gatico medio sospechoso aunque sea de plástico...uno nunca sabe !
Dec 02 2005 14:39 GMT StavrosMoforis
Υπέροχη φωτογραφία! Πολύ χαριτωμένη! Ευχαριστώ και για το πρώτο μαθημα Ισπανικών! Είναι απίστευτο, αλλά κατάλαβα όλες τις λέξεις! Ισως να με βοήθησαν πολύ τα λιγα μου Γαλλικά και Ιταλικά !
Καλό ΣαββατοΚύριακο! have a nice week-end!
Dec 02 2005 19:02 GMT puppra
Thank you! Have a nice weekend, too, milibuh! you are happy...
Jun 10 2007 23:22 GMT Vasca
Jjajaja genial!!!