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El alacrán pica a quien le ayudó a salir del fuego.
The scorpio stings the one who help him to go out from the fire...

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 15 2007 14:48 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
...and it is not alone on that lol....Great entry!!!!!
Jan 15 2007 14:52 GMT senna3
Nice proverb with a fantastic illustration!
In Dutch we have a similar one, but now a swine is playing the bad guy:
"Wie het zwijn uit de modder haalt, krijgt drek voor dank" = "Who helps a swine out of the mud, gets dirt as thanks"
Jan 15 2007 14:53 GMT chenito
Jan 15 2007 14:57 GMT abojovna PRO
WOW! I am scorpio :-)! Nice entry!
Jan 15 2007 14:58 GMT Riet
What a mean thing to do!;) Good we have no scorpions here ....
Very nice image!
Jan 15 2007 15:22 GMT jceca PRO
fully agree with carlos .... except in lol part !!!!!!!

fantastic photo !!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 15 2007 15:35 GMT sini
Great photo and entry!!
Jan 15 2007 15:36 GMT wifey
Fantastic capture… and the proverb is new to me, but I love it! :)
Jan 15 2007 15:42 GMT LizSA
Great proverb....I am also a scorpio:-)
it is like....the dog bite the hand that feeds him....all very much the same...!
Lovely entry Milibuh...>>>>>>
Jan 15 2007 15:51 GMT jomoud PRO
Until now an unknown proverb to me
but is makes sense and it makes sense.
Your photo illustrating the proverb is wonderful
Jan 15 2007 15:56 GMT losp

Beautiful scorpion & great warning words
and thanks for the timely awakening call
by this image & its accompanying proverb !!!
Jan 15 2007 15:56 GMT ashdad PRO
Excellent photo!
Jan 15 2007 16:02 GMT will
Awesome photo and a very interesting proverb..!!
Jan 15 2007 17:19 GMT iyerhari
very correct!
Jan 15 2007 17:31 GMT Bali
Great image!!!!!
Jan 15 2007 18:39 GMT gilbertoxp
Muy buena foto Nora.....ese proverbio también lo tenemos por acá....!!!
Jan 15 2007 18:50 GMT litz
very true .... great illustration Milibuh!!
Jan 15 2007 19:27 GMT bennystr
Great one!
Jan 15 2007 22:05 GMT aquiles PRO
Jan 16 2007 01:45 GMT merce
y cómo dice la fábula, qué va a hacer, es su naturaleza!
Jan 16 2007 06:05 GMT DGM
Maybe he does not understand gratefulness.

Nice proverb!!
Jan 22 2007 10:05 GMT gmastro
mmmm! did I tell you that I am a scorpion? hehehe! nice entry and words!!!
Jan 22 2007 19:30 GMT Seamus
Great illistration for a often true proverb nora.