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This little sparrow fell from a nest and escaped being eaten by dogs.
He was still naked when rescued, but knew how to demand feeding.Earned him the title "General Bird."
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 06 2011 21:59 GMT saffi9
superb shot and story :)
Aug 06 2011 22:03 GMT julie13
Thats nice, birds are lovely creatures and become friendly very quickley
Aug 06 2011 22:54 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Lovely photo and story! Are those your paintings, Mikki?
Aug 07 2011 03:39 GMT verarenm
Aug 07 2011 07:13 GMT Annamaria
Is he in your house now, Mikki??
Aug 07 2011 07:34 GMT Donjames
Stunning pic and story...reminds me of late mom and her feeding of wild birds, if she was late with their treats they would come into the kitchen and demand feeding they trusted her so much.
Aug 07 2011 10:15 GMT senna3
Beautiful composition!
Aug 07 2011 13:31 GMT clintonfolks
Aug 08 2011 08:21 GMT Papagena
Happy little fellow !! Have you been able to feed him ??

Thanks a lot also for your kind comment !! Have a wonderful week !!
Aug 08 2011 11:59 GMT skyball
A great pet series Mikki!!!!!!......
Aug 08 2011 20:15 GMT MikkiShulman
julie, yes, birds are wonderul and chearing!
Aug 08 2011 20:16 GMT MikkiShulman
thank you Sylvia, yes they are my attempts!
Aug 08 2011 20:17 GMT MikkiShulman
verarenm, i appreciate your comment!
Aug 08 2011 20:24 GMT MikkiShulman
Annamaria,this is an older photo. General Bird did very well and joined the large sparrow populaton among the trees.I hve not been able to differentiate it once it flew off, but for a long time i did wonder which one it might be!
Aug 08 2011 20:27 GMT MikkiShulman
Donjames,that is cute about your mom feeding the birds!funny too!they knew WHEN treats were supposed to be due!
Aug 08 2011 20:27 GMT MikkiShulman
Senna3, thank you so much for all your nice comments!
Aug 08 2011 20:30 GMT MikkiShulman
saffi9, thank you for feedback concerning story and picture.happy to hear!
Aug 08 2011 20:32 GMT MikkiShulman
clintonfolks, thanks you. i appreciate your comments!
Aug 08 2011 21:00 GMT MikkiShulman
papagena, i am gathering your the dogclub namesake!
I fed this little one from a syringe with a store bought baby bird food.the chick adjusted, but i am not sure ever convinced that i was its mother!
After a few flying lessons(instinct the teacher) it flew away with the other sparrows!
Aug 08 2011 21:02 GMT MikkiShulman
skyball(Geof), thank you so much!!!!
Aug 09 2011 04:27 GMT hallo
That's really nice story!
Aug 10 2011 13:33 GMT MikkiShulman
thank you hunju!!!
Aug 10 2011 13:37 GMT MikkiShulman
thank you hallo!!!
Aug 10 2011 14:01 GMT nicnic1978xx
great story ... lovely photo
Aug 10 2011 19:54 GMT MikkiShulman
thank you! nicnic1978xx
Aug 10 2011 23:12 GMT DGM
Good thing he was rescued
Aug 11 2011 00:45 GMT magiceye
that is so kind of you...
Aug 13 2011 14:18 GMT best20
estamos de mudança
ainda até ao final de 2011 estaremos exclusivamente no seguinte endereço:
foi um prazer estar convosco
até sempre
Aug 14 2011 22:35 GMT MikkiShulman
DGM< thank you for your comment. I think so too!
Aug 14 2011 22:39 GMT MikkiShulman
Aug 14 2011 22:54 GMT MikkiShulman
best20, very nice!!!thank you!!!
Aug 14 2011 23:25 GMT teddybear2
A great story and shot