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Leaving Port Angeles photos for a while back to South Africa on the rotation policy
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 28 2008 17:00 GMT Studio88
Very Beautiful Shot of Heather ;-))
Dec 28 2008 17:26 GMT ujbanyiv
Great Work. Perfect Composition.
Dec 28 2008 18:00 GMT bennystr
Another wonderful portrait!
Dec 28 2008 18:03 GMT Midworlder PRO
She was just getting down after standing on the wall to take some pics, she isn't that keen on heights and there was a pretty steep and long drop on the other side ... so she was proud of herself and relieved at the same time I think Studio
Dec 28 2008 18:06 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Benny
Dec 28 2008 18:10 GMT Londi PRO
I love these photos! And I was so shocked that she climbed up there with the cliff right there! It scared ME!

Her personality really comes thru in these photos, they're really endearing! You took so many great shots!
Dec 28 2008 18:14 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Londi, yes she had a couple of brave moments on the trip, yeah I like it (can't favourite or the one of you though ... lol) next rotation through PA photos may have the other version and one of her standing up there.
Dec 28 2008 18:45 GMT lynnj04
Lovely capture :-))
Dec 28 2008 19:33 GMT hbla PRO
I like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe it's that hat! I miss that hat!!!

seeing the photo makes my knees shake remembering standing up there, I can't believe I did it myself lol.

it was such a great trip, and taking it with a couple of my bestest friends in the world got me feeling adventurous! maybe because I knew if I fell down that cliff at least one of you would dial 911 ;)

Dec 28 2008 20:05 GMT Midworlder PRO
Funny you should mention that hat .... I must be a mind reader ... lol ... what a coincidence ... hard for me to keep a surprise, but I will.

Damn ... I would have called 111 that's what it is here in NZ

it was a great trip, looking forward to more adventures in the future
Dec 28 2008 20:10 GMT hbla PRO
hmmm, wonder what that surprise could be...... ;)

okay, now that you appear to be signing on, I'm signing off! gotta burn some blub and do various and assorted other things like EAT (after looking at Londi's roast photo rrrrrrrr). talk to you later cuz!
Dec 28 2008 20:17 GMT Midworlder PRO
Not exactly what you are thinking, but also what you are thinking ...

Trying to do some work ... sort of ... talk to you later
Dec 28 2008 20:42 GMT jamby PRO
love the candidness of this one!
Dec 28 2008 20:54 GMT Midworlder PRO
She popped up in quite a few candid ones of mine and vica versa ... we were both Sneaks
Dec 29 2008 04:55 GMT LizSA
beautiful photo .... lovely friendly Heather...:-)
Dec 29 2008 10:20 GMT caferr
nice done...
Dec 29 2008 15:02 GMT hans55 PRO
good catch !!! :-)
Dec 29 2008 16:02 GMT iyerhari
lovely series!!!!!!!!
Dec 29 2008 22:16 GMT Bellavista
Hi Heather!
Agree with Londi, Heather's personality comes through!
Dec 29 2008 22:55 GMT Midworlder PRO
A cheeky monkey isn't she !
Dec 30 2008 02:51 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful portrait! :))
Dec 30 2008 08:59 GMT Bellavista
She knows that how to live happy!:-)