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Dance Friday

I didnt really have anything that could be used for Dance Friday in Turkey or for a while in my photos. Photos from a Flamenco Show in Barcelona didnt really come out well. So as a last resort I have chosen this shot.

Im sure this FTrs boots were made for Dancing, because I saw them used for just about everything else rock climbing, sand walking, salt mine inspecting, even showering (in a car wash!)

You may get a bonus Animal DanceFriday from another continent later if I can get the photo off my camera, some problems with this last night, will try again
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 07 2008 14:09 GMT Poulet PRO
Original and fun shot.
Great idea entry.

Sorry about your camera, Roger. Hope you'll fix it so soon.

Have a beautiful weekend. :))
Nov 07 2008 14:12 GMT felixdakilla
great capture!
Nov 07 2008 14:17 GMT mebymyself
& you photo is one of the most beautiful in FT.
Nov 07 2008 14:22 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thank you mebymyself :)
Nov 07 2008 14:22 GMT Midworlder PRO
They didn't stay still for long Felix, always on the go !
Nov 07 2008 14:23 GMT Midworlder PRO
It seems to be downloading to my laptop as we speak Poulet, but very slowly !
Nov 07 2008 14:26 GMT hans55 PRO
these boots are made for walking !! :-)
who's boots are these ????
Nov 07 2008 14:30 GMT Midworlder PRO
Can't you guess Hans :) ? These would have kept her dryer when visiting Dutch Forts
Nov 07 2008 14:40 GMT hans55 PRO
our beautyfull Portuguese friend Mafalda ???
Nov 07 2008 14:50 GMT Midworlder PRO
You are right Hans .. hard to believe her agility in these things !
Nov 07 2008 14:58 GMT superJoan
Roger did you not participate in BELLY DANCING? I believe in Turkey that it is dione by the MEN.....
Nov 07 2008 15:00 GMT LizSA
this is legs belonging to Mafalda... very elegant... great entry Midworlder...
very special fot FT :-)
Nov 07 2008 15:03 GMT Midworlder PRO
BELLY FILLING yes .. but I would have run a mile if I saw male belly dancing Joan !
Nov 07 2008 15:05 GMT pauli3522
i love this boots...very nice
Nov 07 2008 15:13 GMT lizzieb
Very very good Roger!! Love it all !!!!
Nov 07 2008 15:13 GMT marijke06
good ideaaaaa!
Nov 07 2008 15:17 GMT jomoud PRO
I had hoped to see a shot of you belly dancing Roger:):):):):)
But this entry does fit with the theme.
I am sure the boots have participated in a dance here and there.
Continue to enjoy your journey my friend.
Nov 07 2008 15:19 GMT Midworlder PRO
NO you didn't John ... trust me !
Nov 07 2008 15:25 GMT senna3
Very nice entry Roger, really elegant dancing boots!
Good luck with your camera, you have made me curious about this dancing animal!
Nov 07 2008 15:27 GMT Midworlder PRO
All sorted now, the problem was the laptop ... doing a few funny things, will post the new ones a little later
Nov 07 2008 15:54 GMT mariazinha32
LMAO...Roger hahahah....need to catch up my breath here...now let me think....I have danced with these boots too...Im dancing right now LOL....you made me sign in on FT at work, to place my comment ...could not wait till I got home....Wow...my boots for the world to see hahahha...Im so honoured.....

Enjoy your weekend and be careful with the Liquor hahahahaha
Nov 07 2008 16:04 GMT Midworlder PRO
I think we are the ones who are honoured :) careful with the dancing, you don't want to knock any ceramics over !

When I get to Portugal photos I am sure the boots will surface again

We will try the liquor tonight :)

Nov 07 2008 16:17 GMT bennystr
Cool entry Roger!
Nov 07 2008 16:41 GMT yvon
i can,t dance on those shoes!!
Nov 07 2008 17:00 GMT megmet PRO
I couldn't walk in those, never mind dance! :-))
Nov 07 2008 17:22 GMT Midworlder PRO
That makes two of us Meg
Nov 07 2008 18:52 GMT branca
cool entry
Nov 07 2008 18:59 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thank you
Nov 07 2008 19:11 GMT lynnj04
Great entry have a lovely weekend Roger :-))
Nov 07 2008 19:27 GMT sini
Nice idea and entry!:)
Nov 07 2008 22:29 GMT darya4
I am a sure these shoes were for dance at least one friday.. great capture !
Nov 08 2008 04:37 GMT Littlewing
yes yes and yes...this is just great
Nov 08 2008 06:22 GMT Midworlder PRO
Hi there my friend, nice to see you again