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Dance Friday

I didn´t really have anything that could be used for Dance Friday in Turkey or for a while in my photos. Photos from a Flamenco Show in Barcelona didn´t really come out well. So as a last resort I have chosen this shot.

I´m sure this FTérs boots were made for Dancing, because I saw them used for just about everything else rock climbing, sand walking, salt mine inspecting, even showering (in a car wash!)

You may get a bonus Animal DanceFriday from another continent later if I can get the photo off my camera, some problems with this last night, will try again
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 07 2008 14:09 GMT Poulet PRO
Original and fun shot.
Great idea entry.

Sorry about your camera, Roger. Hope you'll fix it so soon.

Have a beautiful weekend. :))
Nov 07 2008 14:12 GMT felixdakilla
great capture!
Nov 07 2008 14:17 GMT mebymyself
& you photo is one of the most beautiful in FT.
Nov 07 2008 14:22 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thank you mebymyself :)
Nov 07 2008 14:22 GMT Midworlder PRO
They didn't stay still for long Felix, always on the go !
Nov 07 2008 14:23 GMT Midworlder PRO
It seems to be downloading to my laptop as we speak Poulet, but very slowly !
Nov 07 2008 14:26 GMT hans55 PRO
these boots are made for walking !! :-)
who's boots are these ????
Nov 07 2008 14:30 GMT Midworlder PRO
Can't you guess Hans :) ? These would have kept her dryer when visiting Dutch Forts
Nov 07 2008 14:40 GMT hans55 PRO
our beautyfull Portuguese friend Mafalda ???
Nov 07 2008 14:50 GMT Midworlder PRO
You are right Hans .. hard to believe her agility in these things !
Nov 07 2008 14:58 GMT superJoan
Roger did you not participate in BELLY DANCING? I believe in Turkey that it is dione by the MEN.....
Nov 07 2008 15:00 GMT LizSA
this is legs belonging to Mafalda... very elegant... great entry Midworlder...
very special fot FT :-)
Nov 07 2008 15:03 GMT Midworlder PRO
BELLY FILLING yes .. but I would have run a mile if I saw male belly dancing Joan !
Nov 07 2008 15:05 GMT pauli3522
i love this boots...very nice
Nov 07 2008 15:13 GMT lizzieb
Very very good Roger!! Love it all !!!!
Nov 07 2008 15:13 GMT marijke06
good ideaaaaa!
Nov 07 2008 15:17 GMT jomoud PRO
I had hoped to see a shot of you belly dancing Roger:):):):):)
But this entry does fit with the theme.
I am sure the boots have participated in a dance here and there.
Continue to enjoy your journey my friend.
Nov 07 2008 15:19 GMT Midworlder PRO
NO you didn't John ... trust me !
Nov 07 2008 15:25 GMT senna3
Very nice entry Roger, really elegant dancing boots!
Good luck with your camera, you have made me curious about this dancing animal!
Nov 07 2008 15:27 GMT Midworlder PRO
All sorted now, the problem was the laptop ... doing a few funny things, will post the new ones a little later
Nov 07 2008 15:54 GMT mariazinha32
LMAO...Roger hahahah....need to catch up my breath here...now let me think....I have danced with these boots too...I´m dancing right now LOL....you made me sign in on FT at work, to place my comment ...could not wait till I got home....Wow...my boots for the world to see hahahha...I´m so honoured.....

Enjoy your weekend and be careful with the Liquor hahahahaha
Nov 07 2008 16:04 GMT Midworlder PRO
I think we are the ones who are honoured :) careful with the dancing, you don't want to knock any ceramics over !

When I get to Portugal photos I am sure the boots will surface again

We will try the liquor tonight :)

Nov 07 2008 16:17 GMT bennystr
Cool entry Roger!
Nov 07 2008 16:41 GMT yvon
i can,t dance on those shoes!!
Nov 07 2008 17:00 GMT megmet PRO
I couldn't walk in those, never mind dance! :-))
Nov 07 2008 17:22 GMT Midworlder PRO
That makes two of us Meg
Nov 07 2008 18:52 GMT branca
cool entry
Nov 07 2008 18:59 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thank you
Nov 07 2008 19:11 GMT lynnj04
Great entry have a lovely weekend Roger :-))
Nov 07 2008 19:27 GMT sini
Nice idea and entry!:)
Nov 07 2008 22:29 GMT darya4
I am a sure these shoes were for dance at least one friday.. great capture !
Nov 08 2008 04:37 GMT Littlewing
yes yes and yes...this is just great
Nov 08 2008 06:22 GMT Midworlder PRO
Hi there my friend, nice to see you again