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Comments on this photo:

Apr 03 2012 17:48 GMT peterpinhole
Very strange....like dinosaur eggs or alien pods maybe?
Apr 03 2012 17:50 GMT peterpinhole
Interesting info on your link.
Apr 03 2012 17:56 GMT TinaRTiller
moeraki! Without hordes of tourists... very well done. :-)
Apr 03 2012 17:58 GMT Bellavista
wow, I always wanted to see this mystery Boulders in life!
Apr 03 2012 18:45 GMT superJoan
One of the places we found most interesting on our first trip many years ago....although the weather then was quite miserable ...these rocks reminded me of great turtle shells....only round..saw some similar around east cape......
Apr 03 2012 18:53 GMT Annamaria
Stunning!! Thanks for the info, Roger!! Great to learn more about these boulders....;-)
Apr 03 2012 19:23 GMT senna3
It looks like they are floating on the water?
Apr 03 2012 20:56 GMT hans55 PRO
i had heard of them ...now i want to see them someday !! :-)
Apr 03 2012 23:47 GMT Jakeobean
Roger...do these boulders occur naturally.....rolled round by the sea....amazing...
Apr 04 2012 04:55 GMT Midworlder PRO
Here is another link Jake http://www.moerakiboulders.com/facts/
Apr 04 2012 05:01 GMT Midworlder PRO
They come from the banks behind the beach - natural erosion expose them and they roll down to the beach

"The boulders are grey-coloured septarian concretions, which have been eroded out by wave action from the cliffs of soft, black mudstone that back the beach. In places, partially exposed concretions can be seen in the cliffs. They originally formed on the sea floor when the mudstone was accumulating during the early Tertiary period some 60 million years ago. The largest concretions are traversed by cracks, filled by yellow calcite. In some the upper part is worn away; only a shell remains, looking like discarded segments of orange peel."
Apr 04 2012 05:02 GMT Midworlder PRO
Very interesting Bea
Apr 04 2012 05:03 GMT Midworlder PRO
Yeah .. I would have come at sunrise if the tide was right Tina .. but just got in before some buses from a cruise ship arrived :-)
Apr 05 2012 18:53 GMT elsje323
beautiful shot
Apr 12 2012 10:07 GMT marioalbertina
Very interesting rock formation! .........
Apr 14 2012 10:53 GMT teddybear2
These are half an hour from where we live and I have tried a couple times to get them on sunrise but I have never struck it right. I will hopefully get it right soon