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Had some really weird coincidences in the last few days. Pam saw I was doing a Greytown series she mentioned she had taken a phoo of a vintage car in Greytown without knowing so had I .. her version http://www.fotothing.com/Pam/photo/08e3a8c0939e2df70d472ff27e859f00/start=544
Mine is here and although the same colour it's a different type .. we had already had The Hole in the Rock thing.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 05 2007 03:58 GMT Midworlder PRO
Not sure Joe I'm sure someone will help
Jan 05 2007 06:55 GMT NeiK
Old cars look so much better than the new ones! :) Great shot!
Jan 05 2007 11:30 GMT moestaschke
back in time... cool :)
Jan 05 2007 18:10 GMT Pam
Well what do you know? Is Greytown a classic car speciality??? My Uncle Robert had a car much like this in the 1950's; he used to demonstrate magic tricks by making the windscreen wipers work all by themselves!

Yes, they don't make cars like this nowadays; not sure what it is or even whether it's a Ford or an Austin or whatever. Hope someone can tell us!
Jan 05 2007 18:19 GMT Pam
It's a bit like this, isn't it? http://www.fotothing.com/Phoenix/photo/8a7c3f18613102594e063c41d14476de/

There is a classic car rally near us every September; the last couple of years we've joined it as passengers on a 1964 bus - it's great fun!

see: http://www.fotothing.com/Pam/photo/d9ebd96ae601e5f4333656127369528d/start=126

and http://www.fotothing.com/Pam/photo/fda646477e5a89c297eb7489131ee97c/start=861

Jan 06 2007 04:02 GMT nanstrom
My friend Ward, has told me the following:
It's the made in England version of the 1934 Ford.

The Grill being a bit smaller, because the car is shorter and more narrow.
Head light are a bit higher and smaller.

But he cannot remember what it is called in England...:-(

Unless it might have been called "The English Y"

The English were assembling Fords in the early 1900's. They were all somewhat different than those assembled in USA. There are still quite a few street rods made from these cars.
He has more information, but I think I've babbled on here quite enough.
Jan 06 2007 04:36 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great information .. thanks I'll tell Joe as well.
Jan 06 2007 13:20 GMT Pam
Hmm, I'm not sure that it is quite the same. The nearest seems to be the 1931 model, but on that one the door opens like modern cars, whereas with the one in this pic the door seems to open the other way
Jan 06 2007 13:26 GMT nicoalfredo
Jan 06 2007 13:41 GMT Pam