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South Wairarapa Coast - Fishing village of Ngawi

Ngawi has a frontier-town feel about it. There's a ruggedness to the landscape, climate and character. No pub, no petrol station, and the nearest police station, 75km away in Featherston, is unmanned at night.
That can lead to a bit of vigilante justice and a recent event that hit the national headlines some out of town thieves were cornered up a hill and when the police arrived an hour later they sprinted down to the safety of the police car .. never happier to see police.

Just like Castlepoint which you saw earlier there is no harbour to moor boats so they dragged in and out of the tide. Castlepoint's flat beach is replaced by something more rugged, so instead of tractors of the Castlepoint
bulldozers do the work here .

"Tinky Winky" & "Kermit" sitting poised for work
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 12 2007 09:39 GMT oneiro
when you can make an ugly machine very attractive :) beautiful photograph!Love Kermit ;)
Jan 12 2007 10:09 GMT hamrahi
Great shot and beautiful colours........................
Jan 12 2007 10:25 GMT paintpictures
cool i take the pink one
Jan 12 2007 10:49 GMT NeiK
They all had names? How sweet!
Jan 12 2007 11:12 GMT u40
Wonderful image !!!!!
Jan 12 2007 12:09 GMT DGM
Hehehe. This reminds me of the movie "Cars"
Jan 12 2007 12:33 GMT linnywv PRO
This is a terrific image!! You can just hear the engines sounds. I can't believe all the wild colors!
Jan 12 2007 13:08 GMT aquascience
Brilliant shot, its like something out of a childs book ,fantastic !!!
Jan 12 2007 16:26 GMT moofygirl
Love the colors in this photo. Great subject matter for a child's story book :)
Jan 12 2007 17:53 GMT saintnobody
tinky winky.......
what a name
Jan 12 2007 17:56 GMT fcpos
I Like that Tinky Winky too:)
Jan 12 2007 21:20 GMT suzannesmash
hahahaha GREAT colors...looove it. and good story too
Jan 12 2007 21:32 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks my friend .. hope you are managing your winter OK
Jan 12 2007 21:32 GMT suzannesmash
Winter in stockholm is so grey, windy and boring...one day snow, the next wet and slippery...on and on...
Jan 12 2007 21:44 GMT Midworlder PRO
It will just make spring and summer all that much better I guess !! You still have coffee whatever the weather .. and you can turn up the heating inside and loosen the scarf a bit .. hehehehe
Jan 12 2007 23:23 GMT Archer
Wow...this is cool and fun! Love the colours
Jan 12 2007 23:43 GMT nanstrom
What a colorful picture these bulldozers make. It sounds like living there would be quite different than the 'norm'. I'm sure the towns people stick together again outsiders....sounds that way.....~smiling~
Jan 13 2007 04:40 GMT ashdad PRO
Great colors!
Jan 17 2007 12:56 GMT wifey
Tinky Winky and Mr Whippy… geesh… you want me to laugh out loud?… well I am!!!!
Jan 17 2007 17:42 GMT Midworlder PRO
Funny what is around and what more you notice when you get an interest for photography.
Apr 04 2007 02:26 GMT LisaSam67
these are GREAT!!!!
Apr 04 2007 10:34 GMT Midworlder PRO
Yeah cool ... this little fishing village is about as wild west as you get in NZ .. but still they have a great sense of humour
Apr 04 2007 21:45 GMT LisaSam67
Yes it's good to see that people still have fun. In Petrolia on the coast of California they take boats in and out this way up a big hill down to the ocean shoreline - It's fascinating to watch them work - of course their tractors are not so fun!
Jan 21 2011 08:50 GMT MargNZ
Great stuff Roger ... a little Kiwi humour at Ngawi :))