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Londi disappeared out of sight after just outrunning the Two Inch Tsunami, much to her amusement Heather found her sheltering high and dry up on a bank.

A great credit to Londi that she was able to laugh about it after, and in fact if you look at the blurry photo she was able to laugh about it during too !!

Heather may add a little extra to the story :))

...... and she has

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 19 2009 02:00 GMT hans55 PRO
great story !! :-))
Jan 19 2009 02:22 GMT marijke06
poor heather......just a little extra...:)
Jan 19 2009 02:23 GMT Haw59 PRO
Dieing to hear the story.
Jan 19 2009 03:20 GMT Midworlder PRO
Jan 19 2009 03:23 GMT hbla PRO
note I'm on higher ground and ready to get the hell outta there lol.
Jan 19 2009 03:29 GMT Midworlder PRO
just a little :)
Jan 19 2009 03:31 GMT Midworlder PRO
lucky you arent scared of heights :)
Jan 19 2009 04:18 GMT hbla PRO
uh? yeah right that's me! :O
Jan 19 2009 04:28 GMT Midworlder PRO
Does the sand dune in the earlier pictues look smaller than it did in real life ?
Jan 19 2009 07:47 GMT hbla PRO
shhhh! be quiet!!!!
Jan 19 2009 07:48 GMT hbla PRO
I really like this pic.
Jan 19 2009 07:51 GMT hbla PRO
seriously I saw that wave go after her and it scared me! you said 'come look' and I was hoping you weren't one of those persons that like to look at drowned persons lol.
Jan 19 2009 08:00 GMT Midworlder PRO
I like it a lot too, reminds me of all the laughs we had, no matter what was going on in the background be it testing times, tsunamis or tacos we still managed to have a giggle. Both your smiles are priceless. Thanks :)
Jan 19 2009 08:01 GMT Midworlder PRO
Maybe if I was saying `come look .. for her keys .. we have to get out of here ` you would have been worried :) lol
Jan 19 2009 12:36 GMT Jakeobean
Roger...great capture of the ladies after a brush with the deadly tsunami.....
Jan 23 2009 18:37 GMT Londi PRO
Great times indeed! And I managed to keep my camera dry and no keys flew from my pocket! Pretty good for a short sh** :=)
Jan 23 2009 19:39 GMT Midworlder PRO