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Diwali, also known as Deepavali (a "row of lamps"), is perhaps the most important and ancient of the Indian festivals.

It is celebrated throughout India as well as in Indian communities around the world. It is colloquially known as "The Festival of Lights" - the time when families light small oil lamps (known as diyas) and candles around the home and set off firecrackers and fireworks.

Me in Kurta & Pyjama for Diwali providing a smile worthy of my Thai friend Poulet :-)))))))))))

And sorry about the "pose" like taking them but not being in them.

I seem to be having trouble posting photos so you are stuck with this for a while !!!

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 09 2007 07:50 GMT AlisonBelinda
Diwali is celebrated in schools here in Leicestershire with a special assembly. It's great to see you Midworlder :o)
Nov 09 2007 07:53 GMT rainbow71
well done, nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy Diwali.
Nov 09 2007 07:56 GMT Midworlder PRO
Ohhh I exist elsewhere in my gallery Lauretta :-))
Nov 09 2007 07:57 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks ABC .. we are getting better at celebrating other cultures here
Nov 09 2007 08:21 GMT junsjazz
well, great to see u in a great cultural outfit...i juz think the smile is a bit reserved...hehe
Nov 09 2007 08:23 GMT iyerhari
U R Very Handsome in traditional dress, Happy Diwali to you and your family!!!!!
Nov 09 2007 08:41 GMT maxelkat
Happy Diwali Roger!
Nov 09 2007 08:44 GMT senna3
Hello Roger, you look great in this dress, excellent photo!
Nov 09 2007 10:34 GMT voodoo23
Nov 09 2007 10:36 GMT Mia87
nice to meet you, you're looking great :) Happy Diwali, and thanks for sharing this great information about this indian fastival :)
Nov 09 2007 11:11 GMT Hetka
Hi! Happy Diwali!!!
Nov 09 2007 12:25 GMT Pea2007
Intresting info and image.
Nov 09 2007 12:27 GMT malo
Nov 09 2007 12:54 GMT jenylew
You look great!

And, as you know, mission complete - I've learned something new today. Whew...glad I got that off my list early today - usually do when I visit your page! :-)

As rich in multi-culture as Canada is, this is a holiday I was unaware of!
Nov 09 2007 12:54 GMT SIGMUND
Happy Diwali Roger!!!
Nov 09 2007 13:55 GMT YesHello
nice to see you again Rog!!!
Nov 09 2007 14:03 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Happy Diwali Roger, Nice outfit.
Nov 09 2007 14:15 GMT Maire
thanks for sharing! very nice!
Nov 09 2007 14:51 GMT gafaway
the observer is often uncomfortable in the opposite role : )
Nov 09 2007 14:53 GMT hans55 PRO
i have never heard of it before ! .... i guess you look good in this outfit ! :-))
reminds me of the butler from the Thurnderbirds !! :-))
Nov 09 2007 15:09 GMT peterpinhole
Very comfortable no doubt..Happy Diwali!
Nov 09 2007 15:14 GMT Midworlder PRO
Ohhhh the outfit was definitely comfortable Peter.
Nov 09 2007 15:20 GMT Petra17
It suits you Rodger...you look most at ease..
Great picture..
Nov 09 2007 15:32 GMT pauli3522
Nov 09 2007 15:33 GMT elimar
Estupendo, y gracias por la informacion sobre el Diwali
Nov 09 2007 15:58 GMT abojovna PRO
Fantastic sympatical your portrait in Kurta & Pyjama and nice sparkling your eyes! Thank you for sharing!
Have a great weekend!
Nov 09 2007 17:08 GMT gtc126
Very Interesting Series...Great Info!!!!!
Nov 09 2007 17:47 GMT Lelka
Nice portrait:) and also thanks for info!
Nov 09 2007 17:52 GMT brunopapeete
Roger, Thank's for making me discover the "Diwali" . Great shot !
Nov 09 2007 18:02 GMT william22
Happy Diwali Roger. Certain traditions should be honoured and observed. Congratulations on keeping this one.
Nov 09 2007 18:09 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Enjoy Diwali Roger!
The more you put in to celebrations the more you get out - I am sure wearing the clothes adds to the whole enjoyment.Your information has certainly taught me a great deal.
As for the pose - makes you look very wise!
Nov 09 2007 19:53 GMT santaslittlehelper
Happy Diwali !!
Looking good there Rog..... :)
Nov 09 2007 21:37 GMT Elise
Nice to see you again Roger....you look gorgeous with that pajamas :))
Nov 09 2007 21:57 GMT aquiles PRO
HAPPY TO SEE YOU AMIGO DIWALI Midworlder !!!!!!!!!!
Nov 09 2007 23:20 GMT martini957
BEST DRESSED,,,,,,,goessssssssssss to MIDWORLDER!!!! : )
Nov 10 2007 03:09 GMT Poulet PRO
Roger, you looks so cutel!!! :)))
And, THANK YOU for your SMILE!!!

HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.................I'll try ;))) LOL
A BIG smile to you, from the land of smile, Roger ;)))
Nov 10 2007 07:15 GMT Midworlder PRO
Glad it gave you a laugh Poulet, I was only joking with you of course.

Further broadening my ethnic horizons soon, a Thai customer keeps insisting she and her husband must take me to dinner at her sisters restaurant so that can't be far away.
Nov 10 2007 08:31 GMT Londi PRO
And thank you for further broadening our knowledge as well! Interesting info!

And by the way, great photo of you in pj's :)
Nov 10 2007 08:33 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Londi .. and nice to find where pyjamas came from if you didn't already knoe
Nov 10 2007 14:21 GMT Poulet PRO
Aha! that means you'll have a real (I guess LOL) Thai foods!! ;))
I used to eat many strange foods which they called Thai foods when I went abroad, Roger. Anyway, all of those restaurants owned by foreigners! Lots of stories about this matter but I'd better keep my mouth shut! ;)))

Try Pa-nang Kung (Shrimps cooked in red curry paste and coconut milk), Tom Yum Kung (I guess you know this dish), Gia Hor Bai-toey (Deep-fried fillet of chicken wrapped in Pandant leaves), Tod Man Pla (Deep-fried Thai fish cake), and..........ETC!

Hope you'll enjoy them! ;D
Nov 11 2007 05:02 GMT cataplasma
Hey Midworlder, Indian food gave you lots of muscle!! ;-))
Nov 11 2007 06:09 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nov 11 2007 12:58 GMT voices
I've seen my sister only wearing an indian dress and I have to admit you look so much better, Roger ;-)!
Nov 11 2007 15:07 GMT Midworlder PRO
How nice, thank you
Nov 14 2007 17:53 GMT marijke06
great selfportrait!! I unfortunately missed it :)