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The Farm - my home from 1962 - 1975 the farm has been divided up into lifestyle blocks and large sections. My father was farm manager, before we moved to town after he had a heart attack. The farm is no longer operating obviously evidenced by the run down nature of the woolshed (the roof was good for reconnaisance missions spying on imaginary foe). The overgrown field you see was my field of dreams where I used to have hour long rugby & football games with myself (nearest neighbouring kids a mile away)
Cricket was played against a separate shed's door !!
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 08 2007 08:50 GMT fredaH
I would play hide and sick there..and running over the grass field!
Jan 08 2007 09:00 GMT Midworlder PRO
You would have had trouble hiding in my day Freda .. apart from the fact I would have spied you from the woolshed roof, the grass was grazed low and ideal for sports
Jan 08 2007 09:00 GMT hans55 PRO
i bet it was good to have nice memories on this ? ... was it a special feeling ?
Jan 08 2007 09:07 GMT fredaH
lololol correcting the word "sick"
I mean "seek".
Jan 08 2007 09:15 GMT Midworlder PRO
Don't worry I think we all knew Freda
Jan 08 2007 09:17 GMT Midworlder PRO
Yes thanks hans .. I guess I don't take enough or have enough time to remember the simple pleasures of youth. I think maybe I should try that one day.
Jan 08 2007 15:04 GMT aquascience
To grow up in such a place must have been like heaven ! I think its a pity that we don't always appreciate what we've had when we were young until its gone,but nice memories.Well done.
Jan 10 2007 06:28 GMT NeiK
Oh wow... I often wish I had grown up on a farm too. It would make it a lot easier for me now that I'm studying all these agriculture-related things. :)

The view is very beautiful. Reminds me of Finnish countryside.
Jul 09 2008 00:54 GMT JPHarr
I love this! It would be this building in which I would make my home, not one of the new and perfect tract houses. And I'd lay in the tall grass.... =)
Jul 09 2008 06:47 GMT Midworlder PRO
An old wool/shearing shed, I spent a lot of time in and on it (great vantage point on imaginary battles)
Might have to borrow Heather's mower to make a track there though
Dec 04 2009 03:31 GMT MargNZ
This is so cool ... great place for young imagination :))