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Tags fruit


I've told you anecdotal evidence in the past about the things my employer does to make the work environment a great one to participate in.

Another little thing is FruitWednesday and FruitFriday. Fruit is provided free to staff, encouraging healthy snacking.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 31 2007 08:23 GMT Pasifae
Great colours!
Jan 31 2007 08:23 GMT fcpos
Here in Finland itīs now little bit too cold for ice cream...so this looks much better:)
Jan 31 2007 08:24 GMT ArtyTonz
Hmmm, so Roger, any chance of working for your crowd :> Do you have a Maungaturoto branch :>
Jan 31 2007 08:28 GMT ArtyTonz
Ohh and belated congratz on the 1000th post Roger!
Jan 31 2007 08:48 GMT Midworlder PRO
Funny you should say that Tony .. we used to have one .. but not for 15 or so years? did Maungaturoto try and open up a citizens bank or am I thinking of somewhere else ??
Jan 31 2007 08:48 GMT sweetjane
wowwwwwwwwwwwwww this is great plate!!!!
Jan 31 2007 08:48 GMT Midworlder PRO
And cheers Tony
Jan 31 2007 09:22 GMT sarina
wow! great idea! :)
Jan 31 2007 09:37 GMT nicoalfredo
I LOVE THIS KIND OF COLORFUL SHOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 31 2007 09:47 GMT wazz52
Jan 31 2007 10:13 GMT litz
Ohhhhh i love this much much more than ice creams ;-))
Great presentation Midw!!
Jan 31 2007 11:53 GMT linnywv PRO
So pretty too Mid, fruit is always so colorful! Until it's EATEN of course!
Jan 31 2007 12:50 GMT educhip
It's good, very the only drawback is the noise.
Jan 31 2007 13:52 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Do they also provide chocolate sauce for dipping?
Jan 31 2007 15:03 GMT MKC
Great colors!! :)
Jan 31 2007 15:12 GMT jceca PRO
I LOVE THIS KIND OF FRUITS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw, i'm not a lover of ice cream at all ......
Jan 31 2007 16:04 GMT senna3
Your employer is worth his weight in gold, but I miss the kiwi's.
Jan 31 2007 16:14 GMT pauli3522
Jan 31 2007 16:26 GMT cataplasma
That's a great idea!!! Your employer is brilliant ;-D
Jan 31 2007 16:36 GMT Ladyb
Great colors! so bright
Jan 31 2007 17:23 GMT aquascience
Wonderful shot and great vibrant colours of the fruit !!
Jan 31 2007 17:28 GMT jceca PRO
as for pauli3522's comment .... those south american's are the best !!!!!!!!!!!
for me .......
Jan 31 2007 17:54 GMT Midworlder PRO
Yes Pauli .. bonita banana from Ecuador
Jan 31 2007 17:55 GMT Midworlder PRO
Yes Svet .. I think we get most of our bananas from Ecuador
Jan 31 2007 18:01 GMT jceca PRO
we too ...from ecuador, colombia and some other nice countries around .... :-)
Jan 31 2007 20:11 GMT ArtyTonz
I wouldn't at all be surprised if they did try, but not sure Roger - before my time here (only been here for 2 years).
Jan 31 2007 21:35 GMT marre
Feb 01 2007 00:14 GMT Urselle
uh ohhhhhhhh no bananas for me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... i know it's rich in potassium... but awwwwwwwwwwwww i don't like bananas :((
Feb 01 2007 04:47 GMT losp

"Fruit-drive" in office => brilliant economics !!!
Those oranges are so fresh and I prefer them
to bananas and apples .. Simple foto with a
great "healthy" message :o) lol on my words
.. Best wishes to Midworlder.
Feb 01 2007 06:36 GMT NeiK
Wow! Now I'm very impressed by your employer! Lucky you.
Feb 01 2007 07:49 GMT Littleollie
Your employer has developed a great work environment, one that I would like to see filter through all aspects of society, not only workplaces but family, friends, neighbourhoods, sex, creeds and religions. I'm sure their efforts increase your productivity, so it's a win win situation. Congratulations to all concerned.
Feb 01 2007 08:23 GMT AlisonBC
Wow! What a great employer!! Super photo.
Feb 01 2007 09:44 GMT fredaFunSite
apples, orange and banana.
that's my weekly fruits...eat it everyday hihihihihii
such a good employer