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Reflection Thursday

It's an odd one I know ... reflection in the viewing mirror at the Springs


Te Waikoropupu Springs also known as the Pupu Springs, it is the largest, clearest of New Zealand's freshwater springs. The basin containing the main spring is 42 metres across, and through a system of mirrors scientists have recorded the horizontal visibility at 62 metres (203 feet) a world record - the springs are considered to be the clearest fresh water in the world.

- The only place known to have greater clarity is under the Ross Sea Ice Shelf in Antarctica

- 14000 litres of water per second is discharged on average.

- The water stays underground between 2-10 years before being forced out.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 31 2007 16:29 GMT LisaSam67
pretty colours
Oct 31 2007 16:31 GMT LizSA
Beautiful... we are going to a hotwaterspring next week... but the water is not this clear..... really beautiful...
I like water reflections..!!
Oct 31 2007 16:40 GMT maxelkat
Amazingly clear water !!!
Oct 31 2007 16:55 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
WOW This is so cool. What a beautiful picture. Love it!!
Oct 31 2007 17:37 GMT rainbow71
That is beautiful.
Oct 31 2007 18:58 GMT bennystr
Wonderful blue!
Oct 31 2007 22:16 GMT Bellavista
Wow! Thanks to share this interesting information!
Nov 01 2007 01:20 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful blue!!
Nov 01 2007 01:53 GMT wifey
Nice abstraction.
Nov 01 2007 02:16 GMT elbeaver
huh? hey btw did you start anew
Nov 01 2007 02:24 GMT Midworlder PRO
No ... just the new navigation ... at present ... not sure if it is being fixed but these are just my last two ... if you go by certain methods you get the noumber after a multiple of six .. other ways you get all the last six ... the numbers underneath are the pages ... had someone looking at my first photos a few minutes ago so I think if it prompts you to do this a bit easier that is good.

Some topics in the Forums about the new stuff.
Nov 01 2007 07:58 GMT Minz PRO
Thanks for info about the new layout - Was/Am totally confused ........!!!

This is so lovely - such wonderful colours.
Nov 01 2007 08:01 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nov 01 2007 16:29 GMT aquiles PRO
MAGNÍFICA !!!!!!!!!!
Nov 02 2007 01:14 GMT william22
Fascinating information Roger.
Nov 03 2007 13:12 GMT jenylew
So interesting.
Thanks for sharing!
Nov 03 2007 22:35 GMT Peixy
very very very blue, love it!