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Here are some sheep for Monique and others .. I'm sure I have some "flock of sheep" shots for later .. but these guys are interesting because they are in properties between West & Main St (explained earlier) so they are 30m from the main road and shops in one case
40 million sheep in NZ (ten for every human) As farming has diversified numbers have dropped I believe it was over 25 to one (100 million sheep a while back)

Of course as a result of the perceived overcrowding when numbers were high the "Standing Sheep" breed was developed .. They walk on two legs so more can be farmed per hectare. Of course this was a radical move and NZ didn't want the rest of the world to steal our idea so they were taught to hide as much as possible only coming out occasionally .. I was lucky enough to shoot photograph one who broke tree cover briefly.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 05 2007 18:07 GMT LizSA
hahahahahahaha...you sureley are a unique nation.....
so your sheep are even better than the "Kiwi's" All Blacks...
hahhahahaha thanks Midwolder...i like your clever sheep....two legged...
the more the merrier...:-))))
Jan 05 2007 18:30 GMT hans55 PRO
great story !!! :-))))))))
Jan 05 2007 18:32 GMT Olympe1961
Ah ah ah : such a funny image of the greedy Monique !!!
Jan 05 2007 18:40 GMT Midworlder PRO
Sorry Olympe .. I have no idea of the sheeps name although it adds to the story .. thanks .. Monique is a FT'er who told me she loves sheep.
Jan 05 2007 19:12 GMT moniqpl
aww awww haha, so sweeet :))))) thank you :-)))))
Jan 05 2007 19:19 GMT moniqpl
hihi, yes, I'm not a sheep :O) but I love'em :)
Jan 05 2007 20:01 GMT abojovna PRO
ufufufu:-))) This lab have six leg???
Jan 05 2007 20:45 GMT sini
Funny capture!:))
Jan 05 2007 21:22 GMT Elise
hahaha are you not feeding that sweet animal? great catch my friend!
Jan 05 2007 21:28 GMT pauli3522
Jan 05 2007 21:44 GMT Minz PRO
Fabulous capture !
Jan 05 2007 21:47 GMT aquascience
LOL !!!
Jan 05 2007 22:35 GMT annaschnitfink
Great photo, good info and in the end also a very funny text! Thanks for sharing Midworlder!
Jan 06 2007 03:34 GMT nanstrom
Very interesting. Do they remain on two feet all the time, or just when eating? It's a great shot.
Jan 06 2007 14:11 GMT ibbyblam
LOL. I know a few people who would enjoy this tale about the "NZ standing sheep". Nice one.
Jan 06 2007 18:43 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Ibby .. :))
Jan 06 2007 19:03 GMT NeiK
Hahahahaha! Lucky you to have been there to see such a rare thing. :))
Jan 06 2007 19:12 GMT Midworlder PRO
Don't tell anyone NeiK
Jan 06 2007 19:13 GMT Midworlder PRO
Don't tell anyone NeiK
Jan 06 2007 22:44 GMT ArtyTonz
Excellent Roger, right as I type this, I can hear a flock of the standard variety, the 'Standing' breed have not made the way up here yet :P
Jan 06 2007 22:53 GMT Midworlder PRO
A few escaped from a Massey research farm and have been hiding out in small town NZ
Jan 06 2007 23:10 GMT ArtyTonz
Ahhh, that would explain it!
I did hear on the grapevine some rumours that the Welsh were very keen on taking a herd for breeding. And wasn't it reported that the English were looking at making some gumboots (wellies to all you brits), for these guys too? Something to do with the grip and the push-back effect :>
Jan 08 2007 16:21 GMT Nanouinchains
Sooooo cuuuute! That's a funny story :)
I'd like to go in New Zealand... I try to keep some money for a tripp... I'll see later may be the next year!
Jan 08 2007 18:10 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thank you for having a browse Nanouinchains (interesting name !!).
Looks like you would want to come during rugby season .. unfortunately the weather is best during the off season although i guess super 14 in march / April would catch good weather. But then i guess you wouldn't be coming to watch sweaty men run around a field.

Good luck with your plan. Not sure if there is any advice or tips i can provide but feel free to ask.

Best wishes for 2007 .. I've got a few more landscape shots over the next few months as i work through summer .. check in now and again if you like.
Jan 08 2007 18:59 GMT Nanouinchains
In fact, I'd like to come to visit the country! I love travelling anyway! But if I can watch a match of rugby (I like this sport so I support since few years my town team!), it'll great... but it's not my first priotity as well!
Thanks for your comment, particularly for the young boy ;)
landscape are gorgeous!
Jan 08 2007 20:17 GMT Midworlder PRO
Well as I said anything you need to ask closer to the time .. feel free