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Greytown - Small town NZ
We will find a few more coastal and event places soon, but I have neglected the town I was visiting for Christmas (Sister).
So I'll do a short series on my walk around the streets.
I see the last official cencus in 2005 Greytown had an increase of 50 people in the past 5 years to just break the 2000 person mark. I would have thought it was more because the place seems to be humming along at present lots of cafes & art shops .. not so on Christmas morning though people were attending to presents while I walked.
Main Street - the main street
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 04 2007 03:20 GMT sweetkate77
And the road goes on and ever on....makes me want to grab a motorbike and go joyriding!
Jan 04 2007 03:35 GMT Midworlder PRO
Funny you should say it goes on and on. The closest town to Greytown is Carterton it is a bit bigger I guess you would say .. but it probably has twice as long a main st as any town it's size in NZ. The founders thought great place for a town built a road then found the Maori would only sell them land on one side of the road, so they had to build a long one sided town .. lol .. then eventually the Maori sold the other side so that got built on. Takes so long to drive through

Almost aslong as this reply took to write, you can tell I'm on holiday .. Got up early to photo sunrises and climb volcanoes .. very tired now !!
Jan 04 2007 04:42 GMT Ichthus1968
If it were this flat in Kentucky, I might actually ride a peddle bike! :)
Jan 04 2007 04:48 GMT Midworlder PRO
Wairarapa is pretty much a flat plain down the middle where most of the towns are, very pastoral land .. but a ringed my mountain ranges on three sides and sea on the other .. so geographically isolated and "it's own place"
Jan 04 2007 11:05 GMT Pam
Great looking at your photos; it's bringing back happy memories of our trip to NZ in Feb last year. We had an overnight stay in Greytown - the camp site is also the local playground. This was one I took there:
Not a good pic; it was taken from inside the van as we waited at a junction, so it was a quick point and snap and modify with a zoom later - but we thought the three cars from different eras was quite amusing.

Enjoy your hol, please keep the pics coming!
Jan 04 2007 15:11 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Pam have commented on the coincidences so on your pics
Jan 04 2007 16:12 GMT pauli3522