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Reflection Thursday from Founders Park Nelson

I'll just add one more teddybear to this collection - there were another hundred or so ... but this was the only lot I could get a reflection in :-))
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 07 2007 16:35 GMT jamby PRO
can i have that one big teddy bear in an orange T-shirt? LOL
Nov 07 2007 16:54 GMT Carlimauda
He jamby, that is a good one! I do think that this bear likes Holland as you can at his t-shirt haha.
Nov 07 2007 17:34 GMT gtc126
Super Capture Roger!!! This reminds me of my wifes Beeny-Baby collection. I built her a Beeny-Baby Cabinet. It is stuff with them.
Nov 07 2007 17:35 GMT YesHello
i think the bear with the orange shirt is the cutest !!! ; )
Nov 07 2007 17:35 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nice to hear from you jamby
Nov 07 2007 17:37 GMT Midworlder PRO
It looks like a bit of an antique YesHello, may be expensive, how much are you prepared to pay ?
Nov 07 2007 17:37 GMT Midworlder PRO
Looking forward to seeing friendly Holland next year
Nov 07 2007 17:38 GMT Midworlder PRO
Have we seen the photos yet Glenn ?
Nov 07 2007 17:41 GMT YesHello
mmmmmmmm !!!! ; )
Nov 07 2007 18:23 GMT brunopapeete
I like teddy bears ! Great
Nov 07 2007 18:50 GMT Pam
Second shelf from the bottom, in the middle - he has the cutest face ;o)

That one in the orange tee shirt is all over the place - he got his reflection in both sides as well as at the back!
Nov 07 2007 19:36 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nov 07 2007 20:23 GMT Lelka
Nice shop-window, nice shot! You are romantic! :)
Nov 07 2007 21:23 GMT Bellavista
Wow Roger! Great teddy with the camera!! :-))
Nov 07 2007 21:24 GMT Bellavista
Wow Roger! Great teddy with the camera!! :-))
Nov 07 2007 21:35 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nov 08 2007 01:57 GMT aquiles PRO
Nov 08 2007 02:58 GMT iyerhari
that's lovely:)
Nov 08 2007 04:08 GMT peterpinhole
Great collection of teddy bears.Super reflection entryRoger!
Nov 08 2007 08:01 GMT senna3
Very nice entry!
I never had a teddy bear and when it was available, my parents thought I was too old for them. My parents then bought us (my brother and me) each a real dog, two Scottish Terriers!
Nov 08 2007 13:14 GMT hans55 PRO
my old teddybear !!! ...you have found it !! :-))