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Clouds over Lake Titicaca
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 19 2008 12:09 GMT bennystr
It's beautiful!
Apr 19 2008 12:11 GMT Foto1
wonderful scene.
Apr 19 2008 14:29 GMT nimbus
i would like to know where the clouds...
Apr 19 2008 23:38 GMT babyduck02
amazing shot!!!
Apr 20 2008 23:53 GMT Vasca
Wonderful Roger!!
Apr 21 2008 01:44 GMT linnywv PRO
I always wondered what that lake looked like! Beautiful shot Rog! Enjoy!!
Apr 21 2008 15:30 GMT hans55 PRO
fantastic clouds !!!
Apr 21 2008 17:38 GMT gtc126
Awesome Cloud Bank!!!!!
Apr 22 2008 02:48 GMT hbla PRO
funny how the clouds differ around the world...or even a couple hundred miles away!

I love this photo, they seem suspended :)
Apr 22 2008 18:06 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Heather ... looking forward to having a conversation in English that lasts more than two sentences :-))
Apr 22 2008 18:53 GMT moniqe
wonderful!!! I wish I was there :)
Apr 22 2008 23:58 GMT jceca PRO
superb !!
Apr 23 2008 04:21 GMT hbla PRO
heehee, I think you're in for some in a couple weeks :)
Apr 23 2008 12:35 GMT Midworlder PRO
Actually that is a bit unfair i have met a lot of English speaking tourists and had some really interesting "getting to know you" conversations. But talking to locals in English and understanding places from them will be a nice change
Apr 24 2008 03:42 GMT hbla PRO
it'll be fun. I have my video cam ready for you .

how multi lingual are you???
Apr 24 2008 10:12 GMT Midworlder PRO
Well I speak NZ, Australian, England hopefully a bit of American and Canadian .... and beer in a large number of South American dialects :-))
Apr 25 2008 03:43 GMT hbla PRO
oh my gaads Roger you SLAY me!