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Sunrise - Saturday Jan 27th
Cockle Bay, Auckland.

A new sunrise series - Cockle Bay because of the Cockles of course.
The beach is in parts made up of lots of shell and you get that lovely crunch chruch sound as you walk over them .. at low tide as seen here you can walk from here quite a way along past Shelley Bay

Also my debut entry into the Fotothing Challenges - thanks fcpos ... why not.
Tagged for "Abundance" Challenge ..
Because the shells are abundant on the beach.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 27 2007 22:42 GMT annaschnitfink
A great picture, good info, and put your shoes on!!! :)
Jan 28 2007 01:14 GMT Poulet PRO
Love it !!
I always take pics of sand and sea shells too. Just to watch them when I miss the sea.....so.....much..........
Jan 28 2007 01:53 GMT hamrahi
Very beautiful photo.........................
Jan 28 2007 09:07 GMT fcpos
Great...Send this one to Challenges!
Jan 28 2007 09:18 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks fcpos .. haven't tried one of them yet, why not !!
Jan 28 2007 09:32 GMT fcpos
Now is the time:)
Jan 28 2007 19:36 GMT LizSA
wonderful "abundance""..

do you know the song...
♪ she sell seashells on the seashore...♪ or is it something you have to say
fast.....I cannot remember...!!
Jan 28 2007 19:58 GMT Midworlder PRO
Yes Liz .. one of those tongue twisters of our youth .. I guess kids have computer games to do that for them now !!!
Jan 28 2007 22:07 GMT MsBear
Very lovely
Jan 29 2007 02:46 GMT Xoh
I've been to this beach before :) very crunchy

Beautiful shot of the shells, they're really amazing in person (mainly because of the abundance ;))
Jan 29 2007 17:54 GMT IckleCat
Great shot!!
Jan 29 2007 21:57 GMT litz
Jan 29 2007 22:22 GMT Midworlder PRO
Feb 05 2007 08:15 GMT llouise
nice contrebution or however you spell it ... well it's the thought that counts : )
Feb 05 2007 08:19 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Louise .. I know what you mean which is the only thing that matters .. thanks for your comment