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Bay of Islands - Russell - New Zealand's first European Settlement

Quaint colonial buildings and pohutukawa trees line the beachfront from which you can gaze at the yachts gently rocking on their moorings.

The town promotes itself as peaceful and ‘romantic’ in contrast to the commercial bustle of Paihia across the bay. That this quiet village atmosphere remains is quite remarkable given Russell’s turbulent history and its unique heritage as the country‘s oldest European settlement.

Originally a fortified Maori village known as Kororareka, meaning ‘how sweet is the penguin’, The name reflected a legend that a wounded chief asked for penguin and on tasting the broth said " Ka reka to korora." (How sweet is the penguin.). It became a haven for ship deserters and ruffians in the early whaling days, earning the title of ‘Hellhole of the Pacific.’

But now it is a relaxing place for travellers, i just wish the water had recovered from the flooding

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Comments on this photo:

Apr 15 2007 17:48 GMT CAPRI
Beautiful series!!
Apr 15 2007 19:03 GMT saintnobody
verrrry sweet capture

Apr 15 2007 19:30 GMT Nerina
Beautiful image
Apr 15 2007 20:53 GMT Molivac
What a beauty scene !!!!
Apr 15 2007 22:00 GMT dreamowl
great quiete...i want to be here...
Apr 15 2007 22:18 GMT Midworlder PRO
I find it one of the most relaxing places to go to in New Zealand, great place to " recharge the batteries "
Apr 16 2007 02:58 GMT Poulet PRO
A romantic scene !
Apr 16 2007 03:18 GMT Empty
Lovely.......!! Post card setting...
Apr 16 2007 04:32 GMT fcpos
Romantic moment...
Apr 16 2007 04:40 GMT IrinaWrenn
Lovely shot! I admire the fact that all your pictures come with a story.
Apr 16 2007 06:25 GMT kella
romantica e rilassante scena...bellissima
Apr 16 2007 07:39 GMT LisaSam67
wonderful!!! is the water still mucked up?? or is this an older shot from last week or so ago??
Apr 16 2007 12:04 GMT Elise
Is that you and mrs midworlder?
Apr 16 2007 14:27 GMT sourdos
Very beautifull! :)
Apr 16 2007 19:13 GMT Midworlder PRO
Hi Lisa .. the whole series was taken over three days .. it has just taken almost a fortnight to post :))
Apr 16 2007 19:14 GMT Midworlder PRO
he looks a lot older than Mr Midworlder :))) and there is no Mrs Midworlder :))
Apr 16 2007 19:14 GMT Midworlder PRO
thanks Irina
Apr 16 2007 20:57 GMT Elise
Why what happens to her???:)))))
Apr 16 2007 21:21 GMT Midworlder PRO
She doesn't exist Elise .. I understand wives cost to much to run :)))
Apr 17 2007 05:03 GMT Littlewing
sweet! i'm soooooo going there!
Apr 17 2007 18:48 GMT annaschnitfink
Your great picture makes you want to sit and relax there too and enjoy the lovely view... Good info dear Midworlder. I enjoyed reading it!
Apr 17 2007 19:32 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thank you Anna
Apr 28 2007 23:59 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks for looking through my gallery .. I sought of think Russell would be a bit like a little tourist town in coastal Maine (if there is such a thing)