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Bolivia - The ruins at Tiwanaku or Tiahuanaco depending on which tribe you listen to

Pre Incan civilisation which dated from 1500 BC ... several tribes joined together to use different skills to build one of the main Pre Incan civilisations.

137 faces line this temple .. said to be of all the peoples that made up the civilisation, apparently they made huge advances in metallurgy, irrigation etc and it is suspected they had influence from outside of the Americas ... among the faces are some that are distinctly not South American Indian ... asian shaped faces and even some we would associate with Aliens !!!

These ruins date from 100 AD and were the culmination of all their talents
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 24 2008 10:30 GMT senna3
Very impressive!
Apr 24 2008 10:38 GMT marijke06
Apr 24 2008 13:18 GMT lanny62
They were incredibly precise stonemasons. Sometimes it seems that mankind "lost" some of the knowledge it once had.
Apr 24 2008 17:20 GMT Apus
These civilisations were very strange. I have just been watching a film about some S American people who produced very beautiful ceramics and jewelry in the 6th centuiry, whilst at the same time practiced human sacrifice, then disappeared and no one seems to know why!
Apr 24 2008 17:32 GMT Midworlder PRO
Yes I do have a few more .. including the alien type one, but won´t be able to post them for a few days .. the one on bottom right for example is much more like an asian face
Apr 24 2008 17:40 GMT otilia
Apr 24 2008 17:46 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Apus ..I`m learning lots and trying to write notes when i can - obviously a lot different from New Zealand !
Apr 24 2008 21:24 GMT PhotoPro PRO
just fascinating!!
Apr 25 2008 01:58 GMT Studio88
Amazing Condition - Nice Shot ;-))
Apr 25 2008 02:12 GMT babyduck02
Neat place!! Lots to learn i bet!!
Apr 28 2008 01:21 GMT jceca PRO
awesome place !!!!
May 06 2008 04:18 GMT aquiles PRO
May 07 2008 20:10 GMT Midworlder PRO
Gracias amigo