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memoryfriday school



For those that have known me a while you may remember a series I ran a few months back

I dragged out a few more images ..

I guess one of the things about being so young is that you can't remember all the emarassing moments .. but then someone presents you with the evidence !!

My official Memory Friday contribution is not embarrassing it's about the wonderful times I had at my Primary School (age 5 - 12)
Opaki Primary School being a country school at those times struggled for pupils, as you can see from the photo we had 25 pupils I think this is 1969 .. the area is booming now with lots of farmland turned into lifestyle blocks and there is over 160 pupils.
Great times well enjoyed by most kids I think, in a relaxed rural environment, lots of country play area, different aged kids mixing, relaxed atmosphere , two mile walk or run to and from home every day .. we recently had 125 year anniversay and I think 14 of the people in this photo from this school photo of over 30 years ago turned up from all over NZ & one from overseas, so it must have had great memories for people other than me.

And I guess you can work out which one is me after the folllowing photos ?
I used to have hair !!!!
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 01 2007 16:04 GMT LizSA
so you are standing on the side.....in the second to back row.....
and wonderful memory friday.....!!!
take care ......and the Rugby is starting tomorrow....morning official here
in South Africa....I was warned about not using the TV at certain times.....
and another thing is...we always had school uniform......!!!!
Feb 01 2007 16:12 GMT NeiK
You had hair?! Unbelievable! lol

Wonderful entry full of memories for you. :)
Feb 01 2007 16:21 GMT mehmetyildirim
so pretty.. which one you?
Feb 01 2007 16:28 GMT Midworlder PRO
Yes Liz rugby in first week of Feb .. the first game used to be in first week of June when I was a boy !! Auckland v Waikato first week June always .. how times have changed.
Yes by the excellent teacher Mr Gracey
Feb 01 2007 18:57 GMT rainbow71
Excellent enrty, school photo's always bring back memories
Feb 01 2007 19:16 GMT Mafernandes
nice one
Feb 01 2007 19:46 GMT crucyphot
Great memory shot !!!!
I'm going to do a same upload.
Great thinking: If you can't laugh at yourself, how can you laugh at other people !!
Feb 01 2007 21:20 GMT sini
Great memory! Hard to see who you are...they have all hair:))
Feb 01 2007 21:31 GMT Midworlder PRO
Good call !!!
Feb 01 2007 22:24 GMT jamby PRO
hmmmmnn...let me see if i can spot my big buddy from this golden oldies memory photograph...you're that big boy ...wearing T-shirt in stripes standing next to your teacher? .....a truly fun memory here buddy!!!
Feb 01 2007 22:35 GMT Midworlder PRO
Not quite .. little buddy that was Mark Radisch (knickname Radish).
I am down one in front of the teacher !!
Feb 01 2007 22:40 GMT jamby PRO
you're the one with a broad smiley :-)))))....look at that...that was my first guess...but then my sub-conscious interfere...and go look for some big boy!!! ....you look sooo smart then huh?
Feb 01 2007 22:55 GMT Midworlder PRO
Smart as in cheeky smart or brainy smart ... lol
Feb 01 2007 22:58 GMT jamby PRO
hmmnnn...some conscience question? :-))) ....to be safe...i would say ...50/50 from both :-))
Feb 01 2007 23:49 GMT Midworlder PRO
thanks buddy !!
Feb 02 2007 00:02 GMT iyerhari
A Memorable Time:)
Feb 02 2007 01:19 GMT jceca PRO
as kate said !!!!! :-))
Feb 02 2007 01:19 GMT sweetkate77
Memorable indeed, especially since you admit to have had hair that time! Great entry, Roger! All of you seem really happy!
Feb 02 2007 01:26 GMT jomoud PRO
This is such a terrific memory photo!!!
Thanks for sharing it.
Bet you had fun reliving the memory when posting it on FT:):):)
Feb 02 2007 01:55 GMT merce
Big recollections of small times!
Feb 02 2007 08:02 GMT DGM
Wheres your girl friend here.:)))
Feb 02 2007 08:31 GMT senna3
Great entry Roger, and extremely sharp for a '69 photograph! At that time ties were still in use.
Feb 02 2007 10:36 GMT Pam
So for you it was true, schooldays were happy days! (are you the little smiler in the white short sleeved shirt?)
Feb 02 2007 10:44 GMT Midworlder PRO
Yep .. beside the teacher Pam !
Feb 02 2007 11:00 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Nice memory-picture!
Old photo's are bringing alway's (nice?) memories!
Feb 02 2007 12:22 GMT Elise
fantastic memory my good friend!
Feb 02 2007 15:41 GMT megmet PRO
Wonderful! This looks so much like my own school photos!
Feb 02 2007 19:57 GMT litz
I should have guess... but you answered jamby already...:-(
Great memory entry Midw...!!!
Feb 02 2007 20:26 GMT lillyput
AHH these are said th be the happiest days the days at school Dont believe it there not, good picture and so full of special memory's
Feb 02 2007 23:11 GMT backstreets PRO
Old photos are made of this....memories !!!
Feb 03 2007 04:32 GMT nzshutter PRO
Great memory entry Roger!! Oh to be a kid again. Un-forgettable times. :)
Feb 03 2007 10:30 GMT IckleCat
Very nice entry! My primary school was small too! In all my time there the most kids we had was 17!! I was the only kid in my year at one point!!
Feb 03 2007 18:39 GMT ducati999
wonderful memories. i love black and white photo's : )
Feb 03 2007 20:24 GMT Midworlder PRO
Those are nice schools Cat .. all kids have to mingle with kids different ages .. in order to do things .. that has to be good !!
Feb 04 2007 10:00 GMT IckleCat
Yeah we only had one teacher for normal class work and travelling teachers for things like art, PE, music and Gaelic ( that's the celtic language spoken in the highlands of scotland, allthough it's rarely spoken nowadays!).
Feb 05 2007 22:45 GMT xevirbs
Nice times to remember.