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Clothing Friday - a bit lame but although I suggested the theme I couldn't really think of anything !!

A friend used to work as a Sales Rep for Dominion Breweries. I tended to collect a fair about of free merchandise.

After I took the photo I realised I could have added in the Tui couch, duvet and pillowcases and all the openers etc !!


Tui prides itself on it's humour .... have a look if you want to fill some time in.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 16 2007 17:14 GMT sini
Nice red clothing entry!:))
Aug 16 2007 17:46 GMT bennystr
Great entry!
Aug 16 2007 18:11 GMT gwen83
Hahahaha, that is a great entry...................
Aug 16 2007 18:43 GMT jomoud PRO
Not that boring at all my friend:):)
A very appropriate contribution.
Have a nice weekend
I leave on holiday on Saturday morning, and I'll see you once I return in September.
Aug 16 2007 18:47 GMT Midworlder PRO
Have a safe and enjoyable trip John
Aug 16 2007 18:57 GMT mariazinha32
wonderful entry..........red.......yepppp thatīs my color
Aug 16 2007 18:59 GMT Midworlder PRO
It did come out a bit redder than normal ... normally a very orangey red :-)))
Aug 16 2007 19:04 GMT mariazinha32
Aug 16 2007 19:08 GMT gtc126
Super Entry...nice clothes!!!!!
Aug 16 2007 20:15 GMT Elise
This is just great.....very nice entry Roger:)
Aug 16 2007 21:47 GMT irashid
But it is a wonderful Entry !!!!

Nicely laid Out !!!
Aug 16 2007 22:35 GMT LisaSam67
fun entry :-)
Aug 17 2007 00:45 GMT something
grand entry!
Aug 17 2007 00:47 GMT jceca PRO
well, it's different than any other entry !!!!
that means, good job ...... :-)
Aug 17 2007 00:47 GMT alhoafun
nothing like free gear! great entry
Aug 17 2007 03:22 GMT Poulet PRO
This is Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat, Roger!
I collected same stuff.
Original and unique entry. :))

Aug 17 2007 05:58 GMT senna3
Perfect entry!
Aug 17 2007 12:27 GMT iyerhari
A colorful cheerful entry....
Aug 18 2007 14:41 GMT Pietje
Perfect and funny entry.
Have a nice weekend.