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Numbers Friday

Awards Night

I don't have the programmes or the ability of Stuboy to manage to clone myself so this was my plan B. I'll be having a few beers with dear Stu next year and as there are a number of him in order for me to drink as many as him I need to have a few tricks up my sleeve.

A very similar photo posted this time last year
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 22 2007 16:14 GMT jomoud PRO
Great creative entry Roger:):)
I am still trying to figure out what to submit.
Of course, for me it is only Thursday morning, so I have lots of time:):):)

Fun entry buddy.
Have a spectacular weekend.
Nov 22 2007 16:15 GMT maxelkat
Nov 22 2007 16:19 GMT LizSA
great entry..... I love it... hello Roger...you can have all those drinks...:-))
John ...rofl... what is that for... laugh I know...?
Nov 22 2007 16:36 GMT uitenhage
Great entry.
Nov 22 2007 17:28 GMT pepper84
hey this is one I liked very much. well seen
Nov 22 2007 17:30 GMT jceca PRO
soooo very cool one !!!!! :-)
Nov 22 2007 17:34 GMT nightowl011
Beautiful photo and reflections!:)
Nov 22 2007 18:20 GMT hallo
well done!
Nov 22 2007 18:22 GMT rainbow71
Great effect well done!
Nov 22 2007 19:10 GMT Lelka
great idea, great reflections!
Nov 22 2007 19:29 GMT sini
Great idea and entry!:)
Nov 22 2007 20:04 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Mine's a pint - or six, Roger!
Nov 22 2007 20:28 GMT santaslittlehelper
Fantastic idea !! 7 fold HI THERE !!
Nov 22 2007 21:17 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I like it!!
Nov 22 2007 22:59 GMT brunopapeete
Good entry , Roger !
Nov 23 2007 00:13 GMT vladofly
very useful entry, especially for Friday evening :-) cheers...
Nov 23 2007 00:38 GMT Poulet PRO
Good morning Roger "s"!!
How many Roger "s" there?.........or....I still have fever so I saw many Rogers?? ;p

This is sooooo cool!!!
Numbers and reflections!
Great idea entry!

Have a beautiful weekend. :))
Nov 23 2007 00:56 GMT peterpinhole
Super entry Roger!! Great reflection shot...there are soooooo many of you!!
Nov 23 2007 02:13 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Poulet - get well soon
Nov 23 2007 04:38 GMT Haw59 PRO
A person could go broke buying drinks for all of you. Great entry.
Nov 23 2007 04:56 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nov 23 2007 07:20 GMT tacka
exelent shot ... and who cares about number ... he he ... let the show begin ...
Nov 23 2007 09:07 GMT Squirrel PRO
Nov 23 2007 21:55 GMT mariazinha32
very clever .........great entry
Nov 23 2007 21:58 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Maria ... I took a photo like this at the same function a year ago so I knew I had the theme covered if I could't come up with anything else
Nov 25 2007 19:38 GMT gtc126
Fantastic Reflections!!!!!!!