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Fort Beausejour, Canada

Mowing the lawn
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 06 2008 20:43 GMT bennystr
I think you should dedicate it to Heather... :-)
Jul 06 2008 20:44 GMT Squirrel PRO
GREAT SHOT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Jul 06 2008 20:44 GMT litz
hope they could resist holding the mower...!!
Jul 06 2008 20:50 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great idea Benny !! Somehow I managed to avoid mowing duties on my last visit.
Jul 06 2008 20:56 GMT AdrienM
hehe great
Jul 06 2008 20:58 GMT cataplasma
Jul 06 2008 21:40 GMT TiaMaria
LOL! Great series of photos!! And welcome to Canada!!
Jul 06 2008 21:46 GMT h43
I remember these banks from my last visit many years ago. This is a great way to mow them. Great catch.
Jul 06 2008 23:27 GMT dougrun PRO
Clever! And nice capture!
Jul 07 2008 00:31 GMT Londi PRO
A hoot!
Jul 07 2008 00:38 GMT losp
Shaving the hill :o) .. 1st time I see such
lawn mowing .. Very interesting indeed !
Jul 07 2008 00:59 GMT LizSA
we had to do it this way.... lucky we have garden service now... :-)
interesting photo..!
Jul 07 2008 01:11 GMT ashdad PRO
: - )
Jul 07 2008 04:00 GMT Lucky222
After seeing this photos, I can't complaint about doing mine...
This is hard work , mine is easyyyyyyy!!!
Jul 07 2008 05:46 GMT Littleollie
A guy I worked with took his big toe off with a "flymo" mower doing this with it. He was pulling it up and went to step back and his foot slipped on the wet grass, he pull the mower up as he was slipping backwards, (you get the picture). It was at a school I was the caretaker for and every time it was mentioned by one of the staff you could see the blood drain from their face as they told the story; it affected them all deeply.
He wasn't wearing safety shoes by the way.
Something to think about if you ever think of giving it a go.
Jul 07 2008 07:21 GMT hbla PRO
benny how thoughtful you are!


no confusion Roger, if you would have not found your passport you WOULD have ended up mowing my lawn heehee :)
Jul 07 2008 09:35 GMT charlotte
so great
Jul 07 2008 12:25 GMT Midworlder PRO
Hmmmm .. I'm beginning to wonder how that did go missing ! ... maybe a conspiracy by all of us :-)

Well I've got an excuse Heather, someone wanted company to watch reality show marathons :-)
By the way how many more of the contestants did Miss New York's mum shag ?

But it's a promise next time
Jul 07 2008 12:26 GMT Midworlder PRO
This was only one of the hills Lucky .. they are all around the fort !
Jul 07 2008 12:26 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Adrien
Jul 07 2008 12:27 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Tia Maria .. been and gone .. enjoyed it .. especially after the weather picked up
Jul 07 2008 12:28 GMT Midworlder PRO
Yep Doug ,, saw them as the bus pulled up .. out the door and snapping in the blink of an eye
Jul 07 2008 13:02 GMT Littlewing
NO WAY......so THAT's how they do it. this is just hysterical
Jul 07 2008 18:16 GMT Lensvision
That is too funny..........
Jul 07 2008 19:15 GMT pauli3522
wow..that is a good idea..i will tell my dady...
Jul 07 2008 19:23 GMT Midworlder PRO
Jul 07 2008 19:23 GMT Midworlder PRO
I certainly laughed LV
Jul 07 2008 20:36 GMT Bellavista
This is funny! I would buy some sheeps to cut the grass!
Jul 07 2008 21:35 GMT kamilla
Cool! hahah
Jul 07 2008 21:41 GMT lizzieb
ROFL - funniest pic of lawn mowing I have seen.
Jul 07 2008 21:57 GMT dougrun PRO
Now that is what we call yankee ingenuity!
Jul 08 2008 00:55 GMT Jakeobean
Roger...this is a fabulous scheme for mowing the hillside.....I've got to remember this trick...but knowing my coordination...I'm not sure I wouldn't roll down the hill with the mower........
Jul 08 2008 01:48 GMT iiLan
Nice capture and cute act.
Jul 08 2008 02:31 GMT PhotoPro PRO
what a fantastic shot!!!

this is a sure poster seller!!
Jul 08 2008 03:48 GMT rainbow71
LOL, a bit of inginuaty.
Jul 08 2008 05:07 GMT Lucky222
This seems to work so well, much better than having one of the guys at the end of the rope, mowing the lawn...hahahhahahah
Thanks Roger.
Jul 08 2008 05:08 GMT Midworlder PRO
Maybe in Ireland Lucky :-)
Jul 08 2008 05:17 GMT darya4
you look very active here - does not look like you in AZ ;)
Jul 08 2008 05:21 GMT Midworlder PRO
I'm everywhere ! jolly old England since Monday
Jul 08 2008 05:22 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Bill
Jul 08 2008 13:52 GMT Elise
WOW! Heavy work!

Great shot my friend! :)
Jul 08 2008 13:54 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Elise ... catching up on photos from Canada and USA .. then it will be England, went to my first castle this morning. Will be in Holland this time next month and I guess it will be windmill time :-))
Jul 08 2008 15:26 GMT aquascience
Hahahaaaa....great capture Roger ! Are you in UK now ??
Jul 08 2008 16:48 GMT LisaSam67
Omg that's too funny. Always wondered how they pulled that off!
Jul 08 2008 19:30 GMT iravande
funny shot
Jul 08 2008 19:49 GMT Midworlder PRO
I'm in Rye tonight .. heading off to Salisbury for two days no idea where I will be on Friday but will be in Bideford area Saturday Sunday / hope to catch up with Thor Beverley
Jul 08 2008 19:50 GMT Midworlder PRO
You KNOW that was the first thing I photographed there !
Jul 08 2008 19:51 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks iravadne
Jul 09 2008 12:24 GMT linnywv PRO
WHAT a catch!
Jul 09 2008 16:53 GMT Kaska
I've seen it being done to... great catch :)
Jul 09 2008 16:59 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thank you
Jul 09 2008 19:00 GMT karlbark
Hehe, thatīs a bit different, so to speak.
-Good catch :-)

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Jul 09 2008 19:25 GMT Carlimauda
Jul 09 2008 20:14 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Karl
Jul 09 2008 20:14 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks Carla
Jul 11 2008 07:58 GMT yoshy
Lol, really funny and beautiful capture =)