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One of my favourite FT'er's Looking Forward

Tomorrow I head back to NZ .. will take about a day, when I get home I need to re-establish my Wi-fi connection so I'm not sure how long before I am back online and then my laptop is playing up .. so I will leave you with a taste of the next three areas that you will see .. some Portugal pics here and will post some South Africa and Port Angeles samples tomorrow before I leave the game park hopefully.

At some stage I will have a chance to start catching up on all the wonderful photos you guys have been posting,sory for the delay in viewing them
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 10 2008 13:54 GMT linnywv PRO
What a truly amazing trek you've had Roger! Safe trip! I am sure all your friend in NZ will be so glad to have you back and listen to your stories about your world tour!
Dec 10 2008 13:58 GMT mariazinha32
:-))....looking forward indeed...counting down for my X-mas holidays.....will be away from 19 Dec...till 6th of January...Hope you have a safe tripp back home...canīt wait to see more of you adventures.....
Sure miss having you around here...
Dec 10 2008 13:58 GMT superJoan
Roger...wonderful trip really enjoyed it alongside you.....Laptop playing up???????I told you that you should have bought one in the UK..not Germany.......Safe journey home.....
Dec 10 2008 14:03 GMT Midworlder PRO
Mafalda, I was lucky enough to meet you in two countries, both times were a pleasure :)

Thanks again for sharing your time and family with me, certainly one of the highlights of my travels ... I have so many photos of Portugal that I really like I won't be able to post them all at once. Heaps of you looking gorgeous as usual .. glad you have approved them for publication .. lol
Dec 10 2008 14:11 GMT Bellavista
Ohh.. you had a wonderfull long vacation! Have a safe journey back home, and waiting for the new sunrises again from NZ!! ;-)) x
Dec 10 2008 14:12 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice picture of our Portuguese/Dutch friend !! ;-))
an amazing trip you have made Roger ...all the way from midworld like that hobbit !! :-))and the many FT friends you have met will never forget you !! :-))... it was great to meet you !!
now have a safe last part of your journey ... i,am looking forward to our visit to Cape Town end of this month !!!
Dec 10 2008 14:14 GMT lalewa
very nice shot..
Dec 10 2008 14:18 GMT Kaska
I like this picture.
and you have a safe trip home! we'll wait for more photos from you.
Dec 10 2008 14:36 GMT losp
Beauty watching the beauty, charm, magic & wonder of nature ..
Great capture of such a memorable moment in time & in place !
Have a very pleasant, safe flight back to New Zealand, Midworlder.
Dec 10 2008 14:55 GMT peterpinhole
Nice shot Roger! Wow those are some hiking heels:))
Safe trip home.
Dec 10 2008 15:17 GMT mulhaqdesigner
Really nice picture
Dec 10 2008 15:42 GMT LisaSam67
You are missed but we understand. Safe journeys for you and next time stop here or we are going to NZ and bringing the Kenster! Hehehehehe

Very beautiful pic btw! What an adventure Roger!
Dec 10 2008 15:47 GMT biggles
No worries Roger, that was some trip you made. I am off to Oz tomorrow, so there'll be plenty of pics of empty flat red dirt to look at in a few weeks time.

Happy Christmas and New Year,

Dec 10 2008 16:00 GMT LizSA
Safe journey back home Roger...... it was just great and wonderful to share
your trip.... and the friends you made.....
what a beautiful pic' of Mafalda..... !!
I agree with Hans... just sorry we could not meet you :( but hope that SA was
worth the extra added week to your vacation.... journey..!!
Dec 10 2008 19:14 GMT Lensvision
Have a safe trip home Roger!
Dec 10 2008 19:33 GMT sayalio
Looking good, as ever!!! What a smashing trip You have done, dear Friend!!! Fantastico!!!!! *jealous* :-)
Dec 10 2008 21:05 GMT Carlimauda
Have a save trip home Roger, i have to see a lot of photos from your trip!
Dec 10 2008 23:43 GMT Haw59 PRO
Have a safe trip home. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. I learned a whole lot. Thank you again.
Dec 11 2008 04:17 GMT hbla PRO
what a great photo!

check out the rock climbing heels, in huge admiration :)
Dec 11 2008 06:53 GMT crazy8s
Safe travels Roger. You travels brighten and widen my eyes.