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LOVE--"I was addicted to saying things and have them matter to someone." --actress Keri Russel in her character role in the 2007 film "WAITRESS"
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Jul 05 2007 20:00 GMT BuckleBunny
Well... we'd like to hope that when we say things... they DO matter to the person we are saying them too... at least... I'm that way... ;) I can hear myself making this very same comment, or one very similar to it!!! Really like this posting, and the quote, AND... welcome to FotoThing!!! :)
Jul 06 2007 00:35 GMT suzannesmash
NOW....lookie here...Michael, Welcome here too.

And hmmm...i don't know but addicted to say things...where is the meaing with them though If its just "someone"...? LOL, i don't know it I did get this right, Im swedish you know....... Words are important.
Jul 08 2007 19:53 GMT BuckleBunny
Hey Suz... agreed... words ARE important... AND the actions that back up those words too... ;) :)
Jul 18 2007 15:12 GMT brummieboy
Thought provoking .......
Jul 21 2007 20:21 GMT okiedokiedee
Kisses my favorite...
Aug 16 2007 15:53 GMT LisaSam67
Welcome to the FT family! Any fan of Speed Racer HAS to be on my friends list! Great gallery too ;-). BTW I want your cameras LOL