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watch my photomontages come to life in my short film "the banished one"
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Comments on this photo:

May 28 2009 15:02 GMT amontanha
NICE... ; )
May 28 2009 18:58 GMT SlowCheeetah
fantastic work my friend your imagination does not know borders and no obstacles !!!
Great piece of art !!!!
May 28 2009 19:18 GMT Lensvision
May 28 2009 22:17 GMT cdc PRO
great work
May 29 2009 10:51 GMT Keitology
I admire your patience, your soul and senses always present in your creations :)
Your consequence in the lighting process and the whole subtele style animated or not is a great inspirational trip for those who can see the details and understand it well.
It looks so smooth and simple when the work is conscious and well organised, doesn't it? But sometimes it takes long to make it a habit..Thanks for sharing your art Mattijn, best regards from Warsaw
May 29 2009 14:43 GMT Mattijn
yes this is not like making a photomontage
i spent a week recording the music and thinking up the story
2 weeks on the videos and animation and a day editing
all that for 90 seconds of film
but i think its worth it, its a whole new experience
right now im working on a 5 minute short film..
thank you Keitology, cdc, Lensvision, SlowCheeeta and amontanha fow watching
May 30 2009 00:16 GMT marre


May 30 2009 02:48 GMT sunrise99
It`s Work!
Jun 06 2009 15:42 GMT reemadreaming
nice work
Jun 07 2009 10:04 GMT nightowl011
Beautiful work!
Jun 09 2009 06:14 GMT Keitology
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)
Jun 24 2009 12:14 GMT Dudu911
Wonderful composition!
Jul 06 2009 18:29 GMT Labkhand
nice work !