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Comments on this photo:

Feb 02 2007 21:43 GMT happysnapper
wonderful memorys m!
Feb 02 2007 21:46 GMT Mariamel
Thank you my friend :)) :))
Feb 02 2007 21:46 GMT jamby PRO
~~~~~~~~~~~~The Way We Were~~~~~~~~~~

Like the corners of my mind
Misty water-colored memories
Of the way we were

Scattered pictures,
Of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were

Can it be that it was all so simple then?
Or has time re-written every line?
If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would we? could we?

Memíries, may be beautiful and yet
Whatís too painful to remember
We simply choose to forget
So itís the laughter
We will remember
Whenever we remember...

The way we were...
The way we were...

the above song lyrics the first thing that came to my mind upon seeing this image!! fantastic entry my dearest friend!!!
Feb 02 2007 21:51 GMT Mariamel
This is wonderful Jamby!!!
Where & how do you find all these poems in a minute????
Is it your mind a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig book ,full of nice words??
Thank you so much my friend :))
Feb 02 2007 21:53 GMT LizSA
Memories are made of this...this moment/////
wonderful colour...wonderful choice....
goodnight memory friday...it 12:00 here in South Africa....
Memory friday....my last comment.....for friday.....
goooddbyyyeee.......i am off to bed.....!!!
Feb 02 2007 21:56 GMT Mariamel
Good night and thank you so much for your comment Liz :))
Have a wonderful weekend !
And we have the same time ,did you know this ?
Feb 02 2007 22:00 GMT jamby PRO
it's the image that triggers my mind my dear friend Maria...thanks to your photo...it all came back like a flash back!!!
Feb 02 2007 22:07 GMT Mariamel
Yes ,but you already have the material !!! ;)
Feb 02 2007 22:09 GMT jomoud PRO
a wonderful collage of memories
these are the treasures of our past
that will make us smile in the future.
Feb 02 2007 22:18 GMT faenzu
lovely entry maria!!
Feb 02 2007 22:24 GMT backstreets PRO
Beautiful composition......Its such a lovely entry !!
Feb 02 2007 22:25 GMT Mariamel
Thank you for your nice comment jomoud :))
And ...Sometimes to cry too...
Feb 02 2007 22:26 GMT Mariamel
Thanks Mario :))
Feb 02 2007 22:26 GMT Mariamel
Thanks backstreets :))
Feb 02 2007 23:00 GMT jceca PRO
awww ... this is so lovely ... a real treasure ...
great background a well !!! :)
Feb 02 2007 23:00 GMT Mariamel
Thank you for your nice comment taaboe :))
Feb 02 2007 23:02 GMT Mariamel
Thank you my dear Svetlana :))
Feb 02 2007 23:17 GMT litz
jamby has already written what's in my mind...
precious memories in a collage Mariamel!!!
Feb 02 2007 23:29 GMT nzshutter PRO
Great entry!! These look like super memories for you.
Feb 02 2007 23:41 GMT Pam
Feb 02 2007 23:58 GMT Mariamel
Thanks Litz :))
Feb 02 2007 23:59 GMT Mariamel
Thanks for your comment :))
Feb 03 2007 00:00 GMT Mariamel
Thanks Pam :))
Feb 03 2007 01:05 GMT sweetkate77
Lovely collage...fits perfectly to Barbra Streisand's song "Mem'ries"...courtesy of Jamby! :)
Feb 03 2007 06:49 GMT Midworlder PRO
Lovely collage, thanks for sharing
Feb 03 2007 08:25 GMT Riet
What a lovely collage! It really has the ' memory' look!
It's a pity I can't see your faces, not even in the original view, the photos are to small for my eyes....:((((((
I would have loved to see the photos clearly :)
Feb 03 2007 19:08 GMT Mafernandes
very very nice one
Feb 03 2007 21:00 GMT Mariamel
Thank you sweetkate :))
Feb 03 2007 21:01 GMT Mariamel
Thank you Midworlder :))
Feb 03 2007 21:02 GMT Mariamel
Thank you Mafernandes :))
Feb 03 2007 21:08 GMT Mariamel
Thank you very much for your nice comment Riet :))
I haven't this one in a larger size ,but i have a similar one ,with some of the photos of this . They are mostly photos of my mammy ,my grandmama & my grand-grandma. I hope you like it !
Apr 21 2007 07:08 GMT gmastro
such a beautiful entry!!! great collage and composition!
Jul 03 2008 18:49 GMT yvon
a lot of memories together