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The indigenous Maori people of New Zealand have a rich and colourful tradition of myth and legend.
The story of Pania of the Reef is one of them ...
This old Maori legend tells how Pania, lured by the siren voices of the sea people swam out to meet them.
When she endeavoured to return to her handsome Maori lover, Karitoki ,she was drawn down by the sea people and was transformed into the reef which lies beyond the Napier breakwater.
When the fisherman of today tell the legend of Pania, they claim that at ebbtide she may be seen lying outstretched at the bottom of the rocky shelf with her hair as black as ever and her arms stretched towards the shore.

This statue of Pania was presented to the city of Napier in 1954 to perpetuate the legend. It stands proudly in the Marine Parade gardens. Napier. NZ.

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 16 2012 09:12 GMT 25barb
I have not seen this post and it is beautiful. What an interesting history.
Great lighting, wonderful details and love the sky blue background
One of the great things about a photography site is that we learn so much about one's country when traveling photographically around the world.
Splendid phot = captured so very well.
Nov 16 2012 09:18 GMT marioalbertina
Interesting legend !........
Lovely statue !
Nov 16 2012 09:20 GMT hans55 PRO
a beautiful landmark entry !!
the Maori history is very interresting !!
Nov 16 2012 09:31 GMT sheasoru68
Super shot in difficult natural light,...and what a nice Maori myth....07...
Nov 16 2012 09:32 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Barb ... I quite agree about learning from each other :)
Nov 16 2012 09:33 GMT MargNZ
Thank you for commenting Mario :)
Nov 16 2012 09:50 GMT teddybear2
a very fitting entry
Nov 16 2012 09:55 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Joe :)
Nov 16 2012 09:58 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A beautiful and unusual landmark, and what an interesting legend!
Nov 16 2012 10:23 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Great shot Margaret. Thank you for all the information. It is really interesting.
Nov 16 2012 10:27 GMT hallo
A charming young lady in bronze well seated and decorated. A real nice landmark Marg to be proud of!
Nov 16 2012 11:17 GMT Papagena
A lovely statue with an interesting legend Margaret !! Have you been able to see her at least one time??
Nov 16 2012 11:22 GMT clintonfolks
wonderful photo, wonderful history about it....
Nov 16 2012 12:27 GMT skyball
Superb shot Marg!!...
Nov 16 2012 15:40 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Hans...This is a awesome entry, Margaret..:-))
Nov 16 2012 16:14 GMT jomoud PRO
A wonderful contribution to the theme Marg
Not only is the photo gorgeous, the information you provided is just terrific.
It struck me how most indigenous people in the world have similar type legends.
A great entry.
Have a wonderful and very happy weekend
Nov 16 2012 16:29 GMT Foggydew
a beauty!
Nov 16 2012 18:05 GMT Annamaria
A very romantic myth, Marg! Suitsme well...;-)) Beautiful statue! Great entry!!
Nov 16 2012 18:26 GMT sini
Charming landmark and entry!:)
Nov 16 2012 18:57 GMT mamontof
At first thing it Native American
Great legend , lovely capture and awesome entry Margaret
Nov 16 2012 19:28 GMT bandsix
A lovely statue Margaret..and great legend, too!
Nov 16 2012 20:33 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Ruth ... I see her when I visit Napier quite frequently , the legend of Pania always moves me :)
Nov 16 2012 20:34 GMT MargNZ
Thank you John for your thoughts :)
Nov 16 2012 21:27 GMT Midworlder PRO
Very iconic
Nov 16 2012 22:11 GMT marijke06
great bronze statue
Nov 16 2012 22:58 GMT SIGMUND
wonderful pic!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 16 2012 23:48 GMT Myshots
Fantastic notes and image.....
Nov 17 2012 03:06 GMT fhelsing PRO
a beautiful piece of artwork!
Nov 17 2012 13:01 GMT Pea2007
Nov 17 2012 18:21 GMT elsje323
great entry
Nov 17 2012 20:29 GMT jmcdh
Beautiful shot . Beautiful statue
Nov 17 2012 21:38 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Love it Marg everywhere you go there is always something tike this.in Ireland it's the giant's causway and in holland it's the boy who stuck his finger inthe dyke, it is what makes the world go round :-))
Nov 18 2012 02:27 GMT MargNZ
FT makes the world a little closer Jim .... thank you :)