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Moeraki Boulders, Waitaki District, NZ.

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Comments on this photo:

May 21 2013 22:22 GMT Bellavista
awww... I always wanted to see these stones!!
May 21 2013 22:33 GMT 25barb
Most interesting and captured so vey well. Wonderful colors and lighting
May 21 2013 22:57 GMT clintonfolks
I agree with Barb.!!!
May 21 2013 23:16 GMT hans55 PRO
very good composed picture !!!
May 21 2013 23:48 GMT beady
A nice beach to talk a walk down. I havent been there since 1987, but I remember that beach well.
May 22 2013 01:43 GMT MargNZ
Cheers Bea ... more photos coming :)
May 22 2013 01:43 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Impressive in full size marg ,they look like sandstone ???
May 22 2013 02:07 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Jim . I have added a link that might explain the origin of these strange boulders :)
May 22 2013 06:29 GMT Icandoit
Outstanding photo!
May 22 2013 06:47 GMT superJoan
I remember these well Margaret from our first NZ visit.Although the day we went to see them it was rather dull. What an experience, remined me of tortoise shells. Super shot.
May 22 2013 09:32 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Harry :)
May 22 2013 09:43 GMT Squirrel PRO
BEAUTIFUL BEACH SHOT AND BACKGROUND >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
May 22 2013 09:53 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Joan .... I did wonder if you had seen these strange boulders :)
May 22 2013 09:54 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Brett :)
May 22 2013 13:41 GMT Littleollie
Great series Marg. I remember them well.
The town of Moeraki is in the background of your capture; a lovely little fishing village with a very famous restaurant called Flur's Place; a very interesting place to visit from a photographic point of view too.
I stayed on a weekend break once and explored, must post some more captures that I have of the area.
May 22 2013 20:45 GMT MargNZ
Hi John .... I loved Moeraki and we were fortunate to met Fleur. She is a very interesting and nice lady :)
May 23 2013 14:32 GMT wijnie58
Interesting series you show us, Margaret..!!
May 23 2013 20:35 GMT abojovna PRO
Very interesting series of beautiful photos!
May 23 2013 20:41 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Claudia :)
May 24 2013 00:49 GMT pauli3522
this is a pretty nice beach
May 24 2013 11:36 GMT Littleollie
That is great Marg. You are right she is both nice and very interesting; and has lived a very full and interesting life. You probably know, she used to own Oliver's in Cromwell also. Excellent coverage of our country once again.
May 24 2013 23:57 GMT MargNZ
Thanks John ... have a nice weekend :)
May 26 2013 10:46 GMT teddybear2
I love this series Marg. My grandchild call them dinosaur eggs. Fleur is an amazing person. We are so lucky to have so many amazing places close to home here
May 26 2013 21:12 GMT MargNZ
Thank you for all the comments Shirley . There appeared to be a lot more tourists there this visit .... it was hard to get a clear view !
May 27 2013 10:04 GMT teddybear2
There has been a huge increase in tourists since I have been here Margaret. It is really good for the region. They also love the historic precinct
May 27 2013 10:24 GMT MargNZ
Interesting Shirley ... we didn't get to Oamaru this time but I am pleased to hear that tourism is going well there :)
May 30 2013 19:09 GMT Annamaria
I can imagine its a popular place for tourist, Marg! I know I would visit this place if I would visit..;-)
May 30 2013 20:59 GMT MargNZ
Thanks Annamaria . I think I prefer it when the tide is in :)
May 30 2013 21:05 GMT Annamaria
But then you wouldn't see the boulders, Marg...or aren't they covered up by water when the tide is in??
May 30 2013 21:08 GMT MargNZ
No , not completely Annamaria . It does depend on how high the tide is though.
Thank you for all your comments :)