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On the 6th February 1840, at Waitangi in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand's founding document was signed by over 500 Maori and the representatives of Queen Victoria .
This was not a constitution , but a statement of principles and promises to form a nation and to build a government.
This naval flagstaff marks where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 22 2011 13:26 GMT skyball
Interesting history Marg;..with a colourful scene!!!!!.....
Oct 22 2011 14:05 GMT sheasoru68
Great landmark historical photo Marg.
Oct 22 2011 14:51 GMT annieann PRO
great shot
Oct 22 2011 19:23 GMT T1MELESS PRO
When I first seen it Marg I thought the ship had sunk.:-))
Oct 22 2011 19:58 GMT Pea2007
Great great image of this historical place Marg.
Oct 22 2011 20:03 GMT Annamaria
I hope your festive weekend was great, Marg!! ;-)
Oct 22 2011 20:16 GMT MargNZ
Thanks Geoff .. we are such a young country in comparison :)
Oct 22 2011 20:16 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Joe .... I hope you had a great time :))
Oct 22 2011 20:17 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Annieann :))
Oct 22 2011 20:18 GMT MargNZ
Thanks Jim .... the ship is still holding together and the pumping of the oil is going well :)
Oct 22 2011 20:19 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Peter ... we don't have a long and ancient history .
Oct 22 2011 20:20 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Annamaria ... busy weekend , talk soon :)
Oct 22 2011 21:36 GMT bandsix
Super shot...looks so clean and green.....
Oct 22 2011 22:05 GMT wijnie58
Wonderful view Margaret. I hope you have fun with your festive weekend.!!:-))
Oct 22 2011 22:24 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Barbara :))
Oct 23 2011 00:42 GMT Littleollie
The Politics has clouded the intent over the years and the serving of peoples interests.
I don't believe we can ever be one people, one nation in the future, unfortunately.

A part of my country I hope to visit some day, (even though I am a lot further away from it than I used to be).
A win in the Rugby World Cup this afternoon would go some way to helping the hurt that the country has suffered in recent times; Go the AB's.

Oct 23 2011 11:11 GMT MargNZ
Well they did it John for all of New Zealand tonight and we will celebrate the victory as one people . Great result and a typical tense final of the rwc :))
Oct 23 2011 12:29 GMT Littleollie
Yes they did Marg. With the weight of the expectations of a country, (and us ex-pats).
Even the Australia commentators expressed that this would help our country after all it has had to endure over recent times.
Having a national holiday tomorrow has also come at a good time, hope you are able to enjoy it too.
Oct 27 2011 10:03 GMT bluefam
Oct 27 2011 10:06 GMT MargNZ
Thank you John :))