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Doug hasn't been out in my garden for a while. Look what is waiting for him. :)
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 24 2008 18:23 GMT SIGMUND
great capture, beautiful colour!!!
Jul 24 2008 18:39 GMT Doody PRO
mmmmm just been chopping peppers & made us a nice curry....
Jul 24 2008 18:46 GMT gullsh
pepprs:) i like it:)
Jul 24 2008 21:26 GMT ManiacMom PRO
thanks, sigmund!
Jul 24 2008 21:26 GMT ManiacMom PRO
doody, I don't eat peppers, I just grow them. I've got lots if you need some. :)
thanks for stopping by.
Jul 24 2008 21:26 GMT kamilla
Beautiful colors!
Jul 24 2008 21:27 GMT ManiacMom PRO
gullsh, there are lots if you need some. :)))
Jul 24 2008 21:27 GMT dougrun PRO
Looks like I need to getout and pick a peck of peppers!!
Jul 24 2008 21:27 GMT ManiacMom PRO
thanks, kamilla.
Jul 24 2008 21:41 GMT lizzieb
Hmmm nice Denise. Bet they taste really nice!
Jul 24 2008 21:44 GMT ManiacMom PRO
looks like we need to can some peppers....AGAIN! :) I see some doorbell ditching in my future, too.
Jul 24 2008 21:45 GMT ManiacMom PRO
lizzie, I can't eat peppers. They do a number on my stomach. I just grow them for doug.
Jul 24 2008 22:42 GMT lizzieb
Oh shame - I like the yellow ones best, done on a skewer with meat, red onions and cherry tomatoes and bbq'd. Delicious.
Jul 26 2008 00:02 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Frank, I saw the garden and it turned out great! Tell your wife she can come and get peppers any time she wants to. :)