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me woman girl magentastar bw portrait hair

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Thankyou for all messages, i have no time for fotothing at the moment so feel guilty for not commenting on all my friends beautiful pictures.
After nearly 2 years i sense a boredom with my pictures, there is only so many part portraits and semi-nudes one person can make!
I also lost faith in this place after some of my pictures were deleted and i still have had no explanation.... it still says all the time that i have 25 unread comments, but when i click on them they are on pictures no longer there!! So i can't bloody get rid of the (25) by the comments box!!!!
So i am leaving, but i will leave my pictures here, unless they are deleted by persons unknown...
I want to give a very big thankyou to everyone that made me feel so welcome here, your friendship and support has meant more to me than any of you will ever know!
Maybe i will pop in from time to time, but for me, fotothing is not the same place it was when i joined!
I hope all my dear friends have a wonderful rest of 2009 and a great future, i've enjoyed my time here and i will miss you all....
Thankyou again!! :-)
Take care,
Love Magenta xxxx
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 04 2009 18:27 GMT znacke
i will miss you :) good luck my friend :) xxx
Sep 04 2009 18:30 GMT kumarr
Sep 04 2009 18:34 GMT bebekler
Sep 04 2009 18:48 GMT PaP67
what an exit curtsey this view, i like it a lot !
Sep 04 2009 18:55 GMT hotrodharleys
;o( Oh no...sad...i need a drink....scoot along to new adventures...maybe we meet inhere again
Sep 04 2009 19:09 GMT eScargo PRO
Sorry to see you go - keep us us posted if you start up somewhere else!
Sep 04 2009 19:24 GMT Papagena
I wish you all the best for your future, and hope you will find other nice people to have fun with !! Best regards Papagena ʨ(
Sep 04 2009 19:46 GMT Nodster
happy hunting
Sep 04 2009 19:49 GMT verarenm
everything thrown to the wind ... memorable image
Sep 04 2009 19:50 GMT Biljana
Sep 04 2009 20:15 GMT Dorado
Than your weekend be filled with warmth and happiness.

All the best - John
Sep 04 2009 20:21 GMT jomoud PRO
Even though we knew it was coming, it still evokes a feeling of sadness.
You are a great friend and I have enjoyed the many interactions via our mutual photo's.
You will be missed Mag!!!!
But although you may be gone from here, many of us will not forget you.
Be well and have a happy life my dear friend.
Sep 04 2009 21:03 GMT Bellavista
So sorry to hear that Mag. I agree with jomoud!
Take care! :-)
Sep 04 2009 21:19 GMT petzka
I'm so sorry to hear that dear friend:((
I wish you all the best and you will miss us:((
Take care:))
Sep 04 2009 21:43 GMT JPHarr
All those fotos and not a single hi-res. Not even this one. ;-)
Sep 04 2009 22:45 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful work, wish you all the best, you will be missed ;-)))
Sep 04 2009 23:00 GMT MargNZ
I feel so sad that FT is loosing another wonderful member who always gave us all a smile with every great photo.
I wish you every happiness Magenta for the future wherever it may be.
Margaret x
Sep 04 2009 23:50 GMT billybob41
Just like to say goodbye. And i hope the future holds wonderful things for you...Bye Magenta star you will be missed..x Hope mr star dont mind the x.
Sep 05 2009 01:00 GMT mbz
wonderful work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!very beautiful portrait&composition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
with best wishes for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 05 2009 01:09 GMT CBLADE007
Magenta sorry to see that you are going i wish you all the best and happiness with life and dont stop taking photos

and by the way great portrait
Sep 05 2009 03:29 GMT cking
I'm sure your artistry will show up somewhere. All the best, Cheers.
Sep 05 2009 05:31 GMT LittleOurkie PRO
Fotothing will be the less without you. I will miss you and your art very much.
Good luck and God bless.

Sep 05 2009 06:54 GMT spideyj
Lovely shot, all the best, Magenta. Take care!
Sep 05 2009 07:03 GMT zamo
don't go,PLEASE
Sep 05 2009 08:06 GMT Tavascarow
Beautiful portrait.
Take care & best wishes from me too.
Sep 05 2009 09:28 GMT eleni78 PRO
we all go to miss u, good luck sweety! xx
Sep 05 2009 10:36 GMT bazer PRO
Hi my Star You can all ways Come Back Nothing is set in Stone Best Wishes Bazer ;-]
Sep 05 2009 15:19 GMT Lalbabu
With a heavy mind I invite you to join eyefetch.com,don't know whether you're a member already there,if not,you will get so many of your present friends there.
Sep 05 2009 16:15 GMT coocki
...i will miss you...
Thank you for your friendship and the opportunity to be your friend!
♥♥♥♥♥♥ Lots of LOVE ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Sep 05 2009 19:23 GMT charlotte
sad to see your free spirit go, its sad there are too many narrow minded persons om this earth
Sep 05 2009 19:52 GMT bushwalker
I miss you already.
Sep 05 2009 20:39 GMT marijke06
I love this shot...

and I hope I will see you back from time to time!
Sep 06 2009 16:07 GMT pauli3522
Sep 06 2009 21:44 GMT JotaBoyJon
Stay cool and take care x
Sep 06 2009 23:05 GMT moonshrew
yes , i know what u mean,
sorry that ur goin, but if u ever start some where else, let us no,
Sep 07 2009 02:16 GMT hans55 PRO
sorry to see you go dear friend !!
some of your pictures are in my favourites ..and always will !!!
take care dear friend !!!
Sep 07 2009 04:38 GMT beady
Nice Image
Sad to hear you are going
Sep 07 2009 09:21 GMT losp
Flying hair .. Deep thinking .. Insightful seeing
through the glasses .. Great portraiture !
Sep 07 2009 15:37 GMT hjhoeber
Very nice portrait. This composition with your face on the left and your hair in the wind going to the right!
But still it is sad you are leaving us!
Sep 08 2009 02:36 GMT peterpinhole
This is great Mag...I will miss you and hope to see you again in the future under a new name perhaps....
Best of luck.
Sep 08 2009 15:09 GMT caferr
Sep 08 2009 15:58 GMT Dudu911
I will miss you dear Mag my friend! You could share your new site with us eg Eyefetch, Fotonomy or PhotoSIG? I hope to meet you and your arts again at another site maybe. Good luck a keep your artistic values! ** Geza
Sep 08 2009 16:27 GMT louiva
Another good shot!!!
Enjoy life!!!!!
Sep 09 2009 00:03 GMT junne PRO
neat windswept portrait

a reminder: the whole world never stays the same. change is the only permanent !
Sep 09 2009 19:41 GMT superJoan
Cheers Magenta will miss you,,,hope one day you feel the need for fotothing again....enjoy !!!!!
Sep 09 2009 22:34 GMT mkass
Can you say the beetles.
Sep 10 2009 04:51 GMT Lucky222
Sorry to see you go.
And I'm glad for you to be able to do it the way you are doing it.
I sincerely will miss you dearly.
Is is very easy to make new friends, but quite so hard to loose one.
Thanks for your beautiful comments and messages.
Sep 11 2009 03:25 GMT hbla PRO

this photo ALONE is so excellent I love it! just the essence of Magenta.
you sense boredome of you here? holey moley you are SO wrong !!
Sep 12 2009 00:50 GMT irajsalarvand
great Magenta.......
Sep 12 2009 10:59 GMT ledita
I wish you all the best dear !!!!
Sep 12 2009 17:17 GMT alicewise
Sep 12 2009 22:54 GMT Lens
as much its easy to say hi
it much more harder to find a frind
but can t ou imagin how much its hard to say by
so please keep in tuch xxx
Sep 13 2009 08:07 GMT zeem
great shot...seeing so many comments it has got to feel good that you have followers and friend. I for one thought it was art and enjoyed your work..in in fact an inspiration...so be good and find another site and dope me out of all the others a note and we'll chase to the end of the earth - we have been a family and got to keep up the upper chin.
Hope you get to read this email and we'll be looking for the sign....Lv
Sep 13 2009 08:08 GMT zeem
great shot...seeing so many comments it has got to feel good that you have followers and friend. I for one thought it was art and enjoyed your work..in in fact an inspiration...so be good and find another site and dope me out of all the others a note and we'll chase to the end of the earth - we have been a family and got to keep up the upper chin.
Hope you get to read this email and we'll be looking for the sign....Lv
Sep 14 2009 03:03 GMT HydStory
If you are going to be using a different site, what one, and by what will you call yourself. Good luck my beauty, and god speed!
Sep 14 2009 19:53 GMT woooigottafightcominup
room room rooom
Sep 15 2009 01:42 GMT Earp63
great shoot!!
Sep 15 2009 09:39 GMT EveCN
Sep 16 2009 01:10 GMT LisaSam67
I just now read this. I have had a hard time staying around here too hun. I find myself giving more of my time to Flickr and Facebook and keep in touch with many wonderful Fotothingers that way. You know you are always welcome to post lovely pictures of nakie butterflies and stuff lol ;-))))))

Sep 16 2009 09:20 GMT elena1
Magentastar, I just raed your message, and I want you do know that people like you they always find their way no matter what. Your a great photographer. Keep walking like this!!!
Sep 16 2009 22:32 GMT peterheaven
So sorry to read this,Magenta!You always will be welcome here!You know it!Good luck!
Sep 17 2009 00:00 GMT SIGMUND
great picture my dear!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 17 2009 00:02 GMT SIGMUND
Lament that happened, I wait that some day you return, a lot of luck!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 22 2009 01:53 GMT Studio88
Magenta - You've Touched us All with your MAGNIFICENT images and We will Miss
You and Hope one day that you'll Decide to Return - Wishing You The Very Best Always ;-)
Sep 22 2009 12:10 GMT jph2852
miss you magenta, you truly are a star
Sep 23 2009 13:57 GMT Pietje
So sorry to read this,Magenta I wish you all the best....
Sep 23 2009 23:03 GMT Sniffer
Agreed. It's changed. Hence my own absence of late, but I'm not prepared to give up completely yet...
Cool photo once again.
Sep 24 2009 19:47 GMT abojovna PRO
I love You dear MagentaStar! You are my friend!
Sep 24 2009 19:52 GMT MJGhajar PRO
We will really miss you...
Sep 26 2009 15:46 GMT otilia
Than your weekend be filled with warmth and happiness.

Sep 26 2009 22:10 GMT dumplinmaker
I see where you are coming from magentastar but the boredom is not with you my love. I am sad to see you leave here your work is individual and beautiful..for those who do not appreciate your work then they can maybe see something we cant.....but I do agree my interest in FT has somewhat slipped and i have fell into the lap of facebook..but i pop by now and again and share my work......its a sad sad world when on a website meant for beauty, sharing and interpretation of art that some people feel it neccessary to bully and cagool someone out of it because they dont see what others see....I hope u do pop by magenta I hope u are happy in what you do......and maybe one day we may meet again.......a fond farewell to you my dear. xxxxxx
Sep 28 2009 19:50 GMT mario1972
Very nice!
Oct 02 2009 19:04 GMT ButterflyWings
We will waiting for you :)))

Miss you hun!
Oct 04 2009 16:41 GMT Katarzycho
awesome pic!
Oct 07 2009 18:57 GMT dougrun PRO
It is a sad day, indeed. ;-((
Oct 07 2009 20:50 GMT Vaida83
georgous :)
Oct 10 2009 00:24 GMT twsottawan PRO
Sorry to have you go. One could wish you well in a photographic modelling career, but unfortunately not every city in the world offers this opportunity. Best Wishes.
Oct 16 2009 19:14 GMT lynnj04
Sad to see you go Mags I have only just read this as I do not get through all my friends anymore as time does not allow hope to see you again some day
Keep safe
Lynn xx
Oct 17 2009 10:15 GMT ASZDT
So sorry to read this,Magenta! I not consent !!!
Oct 21 2009 20:15 GMT megmet PRO
I've only just read this Mag, as like others I no longer spend as much time here.
I'm afraid FT has changed, somehow the spirit of the place has been broken, but like some of the other long term members I shall hang on in the hope that FT will rise from the ashes.

Your images were always tasteful sometimes a little cheeky but always superbly entertaining, look no further than the comments here to see how much we all love your work.
It's a very sad day for FT, your talent and humour will long be remembered here my friend.

Good luck in all you do in the future.
Meg. xx
Oct 22 2009 21:05 GMT irajsalarvand
Found all this leave our professors ?!!......
Oct 25 2009 21:16 GMT mercurialspirit PRO
Sad to hear that you will only be with us in spirit from now on, but I understand why. Even in the short time that I have been a member things have gone downhill. Sad when it has built up such a caring community. All the best wherever you go. Keep up the good work.

Rebecca xx
Oct 27 2009 16:37 GMT outdoorsman
Hope all's well with you ...we miss you!!
Oct 28 2009 01:22 GMT nimbus
perfect portrait!
..of course...my fav!!!
hello my lovely lady!
Oct 31 2009 01:59 GMT correallano
Excelente portrait!!
Nov 22 2009 12:42 GMT Earp63
Dec 26 2009 12:37 GMT otilia
excellet portrait¬°¬°¬°¬°¬°¬°¬°¬°
Feb 16 2010 18:37 GMT Ellie
nice photo
Mar 03 2010 11:51 GMT Dorado
Adorable portrait,,,,,,,
Jul 02 2010 18:34 GMT aljd
Jul 07 2010 21:47 GMT zabuliote
I would like to have a picture of me like yours :)
Mar 25 2011 22:50 GMT jamers
Life is climbing a moutain Magenta. This is some kind of Maslow pyramid.... when you're at the highest level boredom will look upon you at the corner. Try to avoid that look and reinvent yourself. Shakespeare said unlock that door.

Thanks for your great pictures, take care.