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Well, i've been away for a few months, i return and what do i find?
More deleted bloody photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This one had been here for over 3 years, had 68,000 views and many lovely comments from my friends here...... but that's now all gone!!!
What kind of idiots run this site????
Why have they deleted this, yet left my other pictures?
Why is there still porn on this site?
Why wasn't i messaged or warned?

The answer seems to be because this site is 'run' by cowards and idiots!
They don't give a toss about us, the members, hence the reason why so many regular members here have either left or just pop in rarely!

Fotothing has been dying a slow death for a couple of years now, don't be surprised if you go to sign in one day, and all you get is a message saying 'this site cannot be found'
Gone Forever.....
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 05 2011 13:45 GMT swapan
end of the day....the photograph is superb....
Feb 05 2011 13:46 GMT eScargo PRO
Tend to agree - I think I am going to move as well just not sure where. DeviantArt seems a be much better managed.
Feb 05 2011 13:53 GMT lunacrout
I hope that doesn't happen - I have so many friends here, some of whom I've even met in 'real life'! Despite its faults, I haven't come across another site that I like as much. Is there no way that an appeal can be made to whoever is running it to fix things?

I'm so sorry that you lost your previous upload of this image and I hope that this one stays on long enough for you to get another 68,000 + views!!!!
Feb 05 2011 13:59 GMT ENZO
Feb 05 2011 14:07 GMT hans55 PRO
this one isnt porn at all ... a shame that they deleted it !!!
lets hope this great site won't die ...we have to keep it alive ...i have made somany nice friends here all over the world ...and when i meet them in real its like meeting very good friends that you know for ages !!!
Feb 05 2011 14:17 GMT bagiggio
I don't know Why but I think that it's possible to restore old archives
Feb 05 2011 14:25 GMT Lalbabu
It's absolutely unnecessary to delete this shot which is not atall a porno.Yes like lunacrout & hans55 I too got so many friends all over world here at this site,including you Magenta.
Feb 05 2011 14:48 GMT abojovna PRO
Dear Magenta, today we have spoke about you and those pretty nude pictures with red ribbon and others, at home with my granddaughter Rosalie. Love. !
Feb 05 2011 14:58 GMT abojovna PRO
New I share other nude artistic photos!
Feb 05 2011 15:19 GMT mamontof
Glad to see Art soft erose photo again , miss your updates !
Feb 05 2011 15:31 GMT Studio88
Hi Magenta - There has always
been controversy of what constitutes Art or Pornography.
Nice that you came to back to view
and hope you will stay - All of the Best to You ;-)
Feb 05 2011 15:36 GMT wileaux
Fair point - this is a lovely pic and hard to see how it can cause offence at any level. you are right, the site is dying - fewer and fewer interesting pics being posted and little input from the hosts it seems. Such a shame.
Feb 05 2011 15:38 GMT Pea2007
I can understand your feelings Magenta ,great to see you back.
You have been missed.X
Feb 05 2011 17:35 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Oh to be that thin. :-)) I tend to agree with you but it is nice to see you back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 05 2011 17:51 GMT backstreets PRO
You are so right.....meet me here....http://www.eyefetch.com/profile.aspx?user=backstreets
its a very nice site


Feb 05 2011 18:25 GMT Juliediebolds
woman shapes , that's the most beautiful things to see in this world isn't it ? !
Feb 05 2011 19:15 GMT u40
very nice work...
Feb 05 2011 20:38 GMT annieann PRO
Feb 05 2011 21:22 GMT J0hal1
Will common sense ever prevail? The female form has been at the core of art since cave paintings. Why are we so prudish and intolerant now?
Feb 06 2011 00:19 GMT 2011Rob PRO
Dear Magenta, I agree with backstreets! You should meet us at Eyefetch where nudity is allowed as long as its nothing to do with porn. Best regards dear friend. Rob x
Feb 06 2011 02:06 GMT megmet PRO
It's so sad that your photos have been deleted again, not even the most prudish person could call your images porn, they are artistic, glamorous and often amusing too!

Unfortunately there has been a great deal of porn posted on here lately, the effect is that people like yourself suffer for doing nothing wrong. Meanwhile those responsible who had their accounts deleted simply join again under another name, and then continue posting their porn.

Yes the site is dying, many of us now meet on other sites and most are on FB.
Feb 06 2011 07:41 GMT MCCCXIV
I also noticed that 3 of my photos mysteriously went missing... hmmm bizarre... nice to see you back again Magenta :-) x
Feb 06 2011 11:08 GMT hjhoeber
Nice to have you back!
Well done very nice work, not only by the photographer!
Feb 06 2011 14:17 GMT jasper52
Good to see you back, nicely wrapped up in red.
Feb 06 2011 16:33 GMT biggles
Great image and a string of apposite comment. Lets hope FT can weather the storm and return to its' former strength.
Feb 06 2011 22:07 GMT bazer PRO
Hello Mystar always nice to see you here ;-] sadly I Think you right so meny nice people Have Gone shame He sold the site to Twats its not the same ;-[
Feb 07 2011 15:54 GMT sunrise99
nice work! what a pity, without fingers of left hand..)
Feb 07 2011 18:59 GMT lizzieb
am with you there Magenta. Only bloody minded (scuse the phrase) idiots would think this is anything other than the art it is. Am really glad you are back though. I missed everyone here whilst I was off. But I can understand why some only visit occationally when there are such fools deleting such a lovely photo.
Feb 07 2011 22:35 GMT djdazz
love this image!!! should but it on several times!!!!
Feb 07 2011 23:38 GMT PhotoPro PRO
First, it great to see you back.

I would NEVER delete your shots.
Feb 08 2011 03:43 GMT hevychevy PRO
lots of strange things on here loosing friends and there works of art left and right hardly any one left but mom and pop snap shots
Feb 08 2011 23:13 GMT bluesky
I hope not...I 've been here long ago and photos are uploaded.
Nice to see you my friend nice pose.
Feb 09 2011 01:17 GMT capcorse
Strange. fantastic shot. sexy. Lovely body. Excellent light and crop
I have been banned from two art sites, FAA, (crappy views - no loss) erased all my paintings and comments, for over a year. So I understand.
Feb 09 2011 04:31 GMT MargNZ
Hi Magenta .. nice to see you popping up again :))
Feb 10 2011 18:09 GMT rose79

خداوند زيباست و زيبايي ها را دوست دارد
Feb 10 2011 22:46 GMT pauli3522
hello..hola my friend..i hope you are fine
Feb 11 2011 20:52 GMT lynnj04
I would love to welcome you back Mags but I no your not happy, it seems to be that the people who run the site cannot see how beautiful your pictures are and do not differentiate between porn and art, I love this site as I have made many friends on here. I hope it does not close as I do not get the same on other sites as I get from this, I hope to see you on here again with your beautiful pictures we need old memebers to keep coming on to keep it strong xx :-))
Feb 15 2011 10:12 GMT Earp63
Feb 18 2011 13:32 GMT caferr
Feb 23 2011 21:41 GMT superJoan
Dear Magenta...good to have you back if only for a brief look.....myself I can't understand why this was deleted unless someone requested it....quite nice I think.....
I like others enjoy the site and would be saddened to see it go..... unfortunately recently we have had porn posted which was not fully deleted just unable to see....so why your photograph was deleted is beyond me....Please give us another go....
Feb 25 2011 03:49 GMT MJGhajar PRO
glad you're back! ;-)
Feb 26 2011 04:39 GMT Prikthai
I like this color. Red is great. This hot too.
Feb 26 2011 04:43 GMT Prikthai
I think someone knows the difference between nude porn is not.
Mar 01 2011 22:58 GMT fotocellosdh
keep your work up!!! you have so many beautiful pictures!!!
Mar 02 2011 18:09 GMT baltic
Great Come Back:))) Welcome back on board Mag:)))
Mar 06 2011 03:19 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Your images are always tasteful and artistic; I have no idea who runs the site; maybe, however, someone has 'hacked' it. I'd really like to know. It's still my favorite site although I have uploaded to others but I have over 1850 photos here and I'd like to be notified before any are deleted for whatever reason. It's just common courtesy to me. Maybe the site manager just doesn't like nudity or semi-nudity or...
Mar 06 2011 23:28 GMT bluesky
very nice shot...lovely
Mar 08 2011 19:38 GMT lookchile
Wow, muy interesante y sugerente. Bellas piernas
Mar 10 2011 13:37 GMT Spartan
Apr 01 2011 13:39 GMT wayoman
Maybe gay men run the site
Apr 05 2011 14:23 GMT Yermanie
very sexy. Have a nice time and take care.
Apr 09 2011 09:12 GMT ind0098
Hi my Lovely Friend, you are truly Beautiful...Carry on.
Regards, Shashi India
Apr 17 2011 15:28 GMT GraveWalker
Havent been here for a while 2, but the pic still has style!!
Apr 22 2011 01:44 GMT pacoromero
Agree with everyone!
Apr 24 2011 10:14 GMT coocki
Happy Easter my friend!!
Apr 25 2011 01:31 GMT dougrun PRO
Definitely art, Magenta! Beautiful as always!!
Apr 26 2011 06:02 GMT marscolony
awsum !!!
Apr 27 2011 21:56 GMT peterpinhole
missing your great photos....hope you are doing well.
Apr 28 2011 18:43 GMT Earp63
Apr 30 2011 09:20 GMT loverboy
Love you Love your Photos All you have to say I am New to Fotothing and hope it keeps going as I have a few Friends including you Keep your shots comming look forward to seeing more from you Tony
May 12 2011 07:18 GMT steveflydeals
totally agree
ive moved my primary account to www.eyefetch.com
May 12 2011 16:42 GMT swapan
Simply superb....carry-on....
May 16 2011 09:27 GMT renate
May 18 2011 10:05 GMT flypete67
Lovely pics what site do you use now
May 23 2011 11:14 GMT Tekkies
curves everywhere.....
May 23 2011 22:22 GMT SissyFurga
May 25 2011 01:27 GMT porph
because those slow-to-dead think this sexy-show MIGHT invoke PORN. They are like America protecting from AFAR.

That's good for teenagers who don't have your strength. They are not Jesus to leave the 99 to go for just YOU.
May 25 2011 18:00 GMT Steve147
I post on flickr and occasionally on here. Great pic, btw.
May 25 2011 18:52 GMT Petermosull
Great Magenta image, problems with this site are growing all the time, a couple of months ago I found my account was GONE! All attempts to get any kind of reason from admin fell on deaf ears. So, because I had made so many great friends I just re-joined from new.Since then I have discovered this has happened to a lot of members. I think you could be right Magenta, the writing is on the wall, one day we will try to log on and all will be gone. All we can do in the mean time is try our best to rise above all these faults ane continue to share our images and friendships for as long as we can!
May 30 2011 15:49 GMT dumplinmaker
i totally agree with u magentastar its been ages since i was on here..very tempted to leave myself but we shall see.......xxx hope u r well my friend xx
May 31 2011 14:24 GMT Bresilien
Sexy bomb!
Jun 03 2011 12:32 GMT zgooz
Jun 08 2011 18:30 GMT GizmoPiks
Very nice.......
Jun 09 2011 08:45 GMT baby4u2011

Hello dear,
My name is Miss.Queen utazi, I got your contact details (www.fotothing.com

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Jul 01 2011 15:12 GMT RTW
I had ALL mine deleted Magenta for no reason at all, I had some first class studio shot nudes, your worrds are so true, load of idiots running the site.Take a look at one of my images "Little Annie" some one and I know who, had it tagged "May contain Illigal substance' I know who the moron is, a Gold Member
Jul 02 2011 18:58 GMT Petermosull
Dom Ramsey, who developed Fotothing but is sadly gone (if he was here none of this shit would go on!) Has now set up another Photo & friend shareing site:
Might be worth checking it out
Jul 15 2011 11:06 GMT ILOOK4LOVE

Hello new friend,
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Feb 25 2012 03:55 GMT dumbomsa
Great perspective. well done.