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a young Xhosa lad - undertaking his initiation rites - his entry into manhood - he is circumcised in a traditional ritual (normally using a sharpened stone) and then spends a few weeks alone while his "jwabi" recovers (wrapped in special plants leaves) - before a big welcoming party - after burning all his childhood possessions and clothes in the hut he has stayed in.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 27 2007 23:15 GMT noirza
The back ground story to this photo is so interesting & the photo completes the story..
Jun 27 2007 23:17 GMT Macrat
Thamx Danielle - amazing what some customs are!!!!
Jun 28 2007 00:16 GMT junsjazz
interesting info...great shot!
Jun 28 2007 06:35 GMT magnus
excellent shot
Jun 28 2007 13:01 GMT YesHello
Jun 28 2007 21:49 GMT Macrat
Aaaaaiiiinnnnaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I think they should call the dude who carries out the function - The Yankee Clipper!!!.....lol
Jun 28 2007 23:54 GMT bLackanqeL01
interestinq pic :S
Jun 29 2007 08:22 GMT zambezi
could this be quite a unique shot as you must have been given special preference to be there. :)) Congrats.........I dont agree with any of this ritual at all - my opinion.
Jun 29 2007 08:23 GMT zambezi
Should also burn the shoes in that case.!
Jun 29 2007 10:31 GMT Macrat
Hi Zambezi - yes I was honoured - and the shoes were burnt - this is not the ceremony - merely breakfast being cooked. I certainly do not uphold their tradition particulalry as many young men die each year - in fact in todays news - 3 have died this season already - a tragedy. Both my sons grew up under Xhosa traditions until aged 6 - only spoke Xhosa until 4 - and have many many friends who have undergone this ritual -
Jul 06 2007 16:49 GMT Tom33
fascinating, to include customs and explanations. I would rather grow to
manhood in the other old-fashioned way;
Jul 09 2007 08:51 GMT Macrat
Yip me too Tom - or have the snip done as a baby - aneathetised!!!!