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Just another sunny and busy day at the Deerfield Beach:-)
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Comments on this photo:

May 31 2011 20:23 GMT FLUMP
Now that's a view....
Jun 02 2011 14:11 GMT Macfudge
Thank you. It is always a good way to rejuvenate your day!:-)
Jun 02 2011 17:28 GMT senna3
In the Netherlands we can only hope for such sunny days, fantastic view!
Jun 02 2011 19:02 GMT Macfudge
Thanks for your comment. That is why I am staying in Deerfield Beach, FL as opposed to moving back to Vlissingen! LOL :-)
Jun 11 2011 06:26 GMT saffi9
well captured looks fantastic
Jun 11 2011 14:23 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your comment:-)
Jun 11 2011 18:04 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Hé hé, thats long time ago! ;-(

Nice sunny picture!
Jun 11 2011 23:12 GMT Macfudge
Oh yes, ------- Yesterday was a long time ago!LOL :-)
Jun 13 2011 14:51 GMT georg1951
nice work
Jun 13 2011 16:55 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your viewing & comment! :-)
Jun 13 2011 19:22 GMT caferr
nice place...
Jun 13 2011 23:04 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your comment. It is a nice and sunny place although with all that sun is does get hot; today it was 90F - 32C! LOL :-)
Jun 25 2011 17:34 GMT saffi9
your just trying to make the rest of us jealous :)
Jun 25 2011 22:38 GMT Macfudge
Come on down and I will treat you to some sunscreen! LOL :-)
Jul 04 2011 08:07 GMT hans55 PRO
looks like a fantastic beach for sure !!
Jul 04 2011 14:19 GMT Macfudge
Thanks for your review Hans; I always enjoy looking at your collection!
Enjoy the summer and I am looking forward to seeing what you are going show!:-)
Jul 06 2011 01:01 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Great beach and pier,In uk you would have someone fishing of the end of that pier.:-))
Jul 06 2011 13:24 GMT Macfudge
Thanks for your comment. You have many fisherman/fisherwomen here; I am just not one of them.:-)
Jul 10 2011 00:32 GMT Laura1
that looks good, great photo
Jul 10 2011 14:31 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your review & comment!:-)
Sep 03 2011 14:11 GMT skyball
A lazy day on the beach!!....lovely shot!!!!......
Sep 03 2011 14:27 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your comment. Every day is a beach day here! LOL :-)
Sep 04 2011 19:47 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful mood of Florida beach! Thank you for comment!
Sep 05 2011 13:47 GMT Macfudge
Thank you. It is a pleasure to enjoy all year long!:-)
Sep 19 2011 08:54 GMT bandsix
Wonderful shot...just read about your Dutch granny wearing National costume, so had a look at your profile....you lucky thing living in such a warm beautiful place!
Sep 19 2011 12:46 GMT Macfudge
Thanks for your viewing and feedback. I have packed away all my fotos since I am prepared to leave in case of a hurricane; but now I will dig through my fotos and find those of my grandmother in her costume.:-)
May 21 2012 15:09 GMT CH1988
Great photo of beautiful place!
May 22 2012 13:50 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your viewing & comment!:-)