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Tags ibis

2667 views 1 person's favourite photo

A welcome IBIS visitor!:-)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 17 2012 20:36 GMT hans55 PRO
a beautiful bird ...very nice visitor Hans ! :-)
Jan 17 2012 21:58 GMT FLUMP
What a lovely looking bird
Jan 18 2012 00:03 GMT Macfudge
Thank you both for viewing this lovely creature!:-)
Jan 18 2012 11:06 GMT senna3
Fantastic capture!
Jan 18 2012 14:14 GMT Hanny50
So quiet standing in an area where people live, outstanding photo!!
Jan 18 2012 14:18 GMT Macfudge
Thanks you both for your comments. S/he kept moving as I tried to get closer for a better picture. It finally stood still long enough to get this!:-)
Jan 18 2012 19:40 GMT Lie
Great welcome shot !
Jan 19 2012 13:54 GMT Macfudge
Thank you:-)
Jan 24 2012 14:45 GMT Macfudge
Thank you! I need a pool like those !:-)
Jan 27 2012 17:14 GMT Riet
A beauty! We have a saying here: zo trots als een pauw ( translated: as proud as a peacock) You could say the same of this ibis!
Wonderful shot, Macfudge!
Jan 28 2012 17:01 GMT Macfudge
Thanks for your review. What have your for kaas met dezende wijn? ps: My Hollands stopped when I turned 11 years old and we moved to the US.:-)
Feb 20 2012 07:08 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic shot of the Ibis.....:-))
Feb 20 2012 14:43 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your viewing!:-)
Mar 01 2012 03:30 GMT Studio88
Beautiful Ibis Shot ;-)
Mar 01 2012 15:55 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your comment! :-)
Mar 16 2012 20:59 GMT FLUMP
a very beautiful bird for sure
Mar 17 2012 14:34 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your viewing!:-)
Mar 17 2012 16:52 GMT Myshots
Beautiful bird....Terrific pose....
Mar 18 2012 13:13 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your viewing. I had to chase him/her around the house next door!:-)
Oct 02 2012 04:16 GMT karabela42
Nice composition
Oct 02 2012 13:55 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your comments!:-)
Oct 14 2012 04:06 GMT pauli3522
she is huge
Oct 17 2012 20:57 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your viewing and response. They are fun to watch as they walk around!:-)
Nov 15 2012 16:47 GMT saffi9
great bird well took
Nov 16 2012 13:58 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your viewing and comment.:-)
Dec 28 2012 23:43 GMT pauli3522
WOW looks like a decoration for a garden
Dec 29 2012 14:16 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your comment. They show up at different times of the year. Thay interesting to watch as they walk around the house.
Happy New Year! :-)
Dec 29 2012 19:32 GMT pauli3522
Dec 30 2012 14:20 GMT Macfudge
A Happy New Year to you and your family!:-)
Feb 02 2013 11:11 GMT 25barb
The beauty of animals and their way of mixing (sometimes) with populated areas.
We have several sand crames living in my community and they just strut everwhere
and I have concerns for them as the streets are similar colors of the crane and maybe the drivers might not see them... So far, I have heard of no accidents...
Lovely bird and lovely photo
Feb 02 2013 18:44 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your viewing and comments. THey are a pleasure to watch and I often see them flying overhead since we are closely situated near water. :-)
Feb 22 2013 20:23 GMT beady
Goof capture and find
Feb 23 2013 14:31 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your comment and viewing.:-)
Feb 25 2013 01:28 GMT Myshots
Great bird shot..almost looks like its posing for you! Fantastic image....
Feb 25 2013 12:41 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your comment and viewing. :-)
Feb 26 2013 15:17 GMT CarlBovisNaturePhotography
I think you'll r-egret taking this shot.... lol
Fabulous shot...it's an Egret!! :-)
Feb 27 2013 00:14 GMT Macfudge
Thanks for your viewing & comment. THey are frequent visitors here in this part of south Florida!:-)
Mar 04 2013 17:44 GMT annieann PRO
brilliant capture
Mar 05 2013 00:13 GMT Macfudge
Thank you for your viewing and comment. THey are always a pleasure to watch:-)