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Tags natasha

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My daughter Natasha Bernadette.

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 05 2007 20:38 GMT backstreets PRO
I wish you all the best......you have a beautiful girl......just like the mother.....!!!!
Sep 05 2007 20:44 GMT Maaya
Thank you Nando !
Sep 05 2007 20:55 GMT bennystr
I'm so happy for you!!!
She's adorable!
Sep 05 2007 20:56 GMT Maaya
Thank you Benny !:-))
Sep 05 2007 21:44 GMT tata28
give her my kisses ang hugs
Sep 05 2007 21:46 GMT Maaya
Sure ta ! Thank you !:-))
Sep 05 2007 21:46 GMT tata28
so pretty girl!!!

congratulation wd your Lil girl my friend..........

yeah I understand your situation right now, she needs ur attention all the time
and were just here for you.......

take care
and so happpppppppppppyyyyyyyyyy for you....

Sep 05 2007 21:48 GMT Maaya
Thank you once again ta !
Sep 05 2007 22:10 GMT tacka
... I wish you all 3 all the best ... and I think it will be couse Natasha is a little sunshine - so there is smilles, fun, happynes ..........
Sep 05 2007 22:16 GMT Maaya
Thank you tacka !
Sep 05 2007 22:17 GMT Maaya
Hi Joe ! Thank you !
Sep 05 2007 22:20 GMT abojovna PRO
So sweet Natasha Bernadette !
Sep 05 2007 23:11 GMT helton
She looks like ..an angel..My precious Yasmin..



...KISS HER..EVERYDAY..YASMIN..and for sure your love for her
will be unforgetable.........

...btw...you also are always in my prayers..dearest Yasmin..
God blesssssssssss your beautiful heart..always !!!!!!......
Sep 06 2007 00:37 GMT jceca PRO
wow, wow , woooooooow !!! look at who is with us !!!! a new fotothinger !!!! :-)
what a gorgeous girl, yasmin !!!!!!!!!
those eyes, smile, everything ...
kiss her for me !!!! :-)

enjoy your time together !!!!!
god bless all of you !!!!!
Sep 06 2007 01:21 GMT aquiles PRO
Sep 06 2007 02:58 GMT hbla PRO
I am jumping for joy!!!!!!!!!!!
so THIS is what you have been up to!
what a sneak you are!
she is SO beautiful...WHAT an amazingly pretty girl and what a proud mom you must be. I have to say 'good work Maaya' :)
aw gosh...I'm sniffling with tears in my eyes. I'm SO happy for you girlie :)
Sep 06 2007 04:21 GMT hallo
What a sweet pose, and believe me she says the most precious words!
Sep 06 2007 04:33 GMT fawn
I am so happy for you dear friend!
She is gorgeous!!!
Sep 06 2007 06:49 GMT glassica
OMG!!!!!! Yasmin, iīm sooooooo happy for you!!!!!!!!! =0))))
She is so cute and looks so happy!!!!
Sep 06 2007 07:00 GMT Ini
WOW Yasmin what a beauty she looks so kindly and happy give here everyday a kiss from me,, she steals my heart :-))))
Sep 06 2007 09:52 GMT Riet
Congratulations, Maaya! I am so happy for you..and she is the sweetest girl in the world. You will make her happy...she already is I can see....that is such a heartwarming thought.....:)))
Sep 06 2007 10:02 GMT LizSA
Natashia.....how beautiful she is....and Maaya..... i understand......
We also have a little baby in our family...we got her when she was 2 months...she is
now turning 7 yrs in October...they light up your sun......they are your all and everything...
take care dearest Maaya.......good Luck... and thankyou for being there for this
beautiful baby..... she just sparkles ... and may you and your family have lots
of joy........ YES.. I do understand...... babies are a handfull..... and much better to give all your attention to......than comment....but keep us updated with photo's ..she
is just beautiful....!!
Sep 10 2007 19:03 GMT Vargen
Ooh! What a cute little baby... Very great picture, Maya... ;-)

Sep 13 2007 09:20 GMT Kurt
Wow...I didnt know that at all...
I'm very happy for you and your family...and I wish you all the best..
And she's a real beautie ;-)
Sep 15 2007 21:00 GMT Sheila PRO
That's a wonderful picture and a heart-warming story. I wish you all happiness!
Sep 17 2007 23:27 GMT renate
a little princess....
Oct 21 2007 14:52 GMT LizSA
she is so very beautiful./..... such a sweet little darling..!!
Mar 11 2008 11:54 GMT vashistha
pretty gir!!!
Awesome capture.
Mar 11 2008 11:55 GMT 32131
Lovely little princess! :)
Dec 15 2009 19:10 GMT tupuna
Cute, cute, Cute, cute, Cute, cute, Cute, cute, Cute, cute, Cute, cute, Cute, cute, sooo super cute!!