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Life-a game of chess

Life is a game of chess
With intricacy countless

Move the right coin at the right moment
And avoid any future lament

Be a pawn ready to accept risk
Not caring about the incurred crick

Be an elephant, slow and steady
To face any challenge be ready

Be the ideal planner-the horse
Then you will not encounter any sores

Be the quick executer the bishop
And then shun away any mishap

Be the queen so mighty and strong
And evade anything that is wrong

Be the king-the emperor
And make your life free of any terror

Play the chess of life with alertness and passion
Then success will always be there in your station

...poem by Kavitha Krishnamurthy)

( and also want to say.....i wont be around for a while....my very best wishes to all of you)

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 26 2006 19:18 GMT josephnoel
Lovely shot.
Nov 26 2006 19:34 GMT tosh116
Super pic lovely composition....
Nov 26 2006 19:36 GMT Molivac
Beautiful B&W image !!!
Nov 26 2006 19:36 GMT soldier
Yessss... really great composition... wonderful pic!
Nov 26 2006 19:55 GMT Ini
Nice poem Maaya ...and a sweet blak and white pic- ..
Nov 26 2006 20:03 GMT Ini
Okey dear Maaya ....take care okey :-))

Greetings from me..
Nov 26 2006 20:06 GMT Maaya
Thanks Ini !
Nov 26 2006 20:09 GMT zukica
lovely shot!!! Just like some photo news!!
Nov 26 2006 21:07 GMT fawn
I wish I took this! Absolutely classic!!! and fav of course!!!!
Nov 26 2006 21:47 GMT hallo
This is superb Maaya...I am really impressed, everything fits together so perfectly!
Like a chess game :)
Nov 27 2006 01:27 GMT hamrahi
WONDERFUL pic::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Nov 27 2006 02:40 GMT jceca PRO
fully agree with hallo !!!!!!!
great job girl !!!!!

btw, i hope we'll see you this year ???!!!!!!
take care, dear ........
Nov 27 2006 04:38 GMT Midworlder PRO
Take care Maaya, have a nice break .. a great way to log out
Nov 27 2006 07:46 GMT Kurt
Take good care of yourself, ok..
And hurry back...will miss you..
Nov 27 2006 08:28 GMT karlbark
Ah, chess... *almost* a national sport here in Iceland.
(Or used to be, at lest)...
We´ve had our fair share of world-class masters, wich made chess quite popular in this little country :-)

And Maaya, take care :-)

With friendship & respect,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Nov 27 2006 09:55 GMT candle07

y are wonderfull and have to good time to play with them and really if y be there be very nice time and coool time , , , have to y that in days coming
Nov 27 2006 19:38 GMT tupuna
wow..i like this very much!!!
Nov 28 2006 12:45 GMT litz
Very impressive scenery and SUPERB capture!!!!
Nov 29 2006 00:10 GMT ahmetturker
Again, great image.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 30 2006 01:01 GMT curves PRO
Be good, as you always are............And be back
Nov 30 2006 13:31 GMT hbla PRO
love the color tone of these two photos...nice work :)
Dec 01 2006 10:10 GMT Riet
Wonderful composition, Maaya!
Hope to see you back healhy and happy soon!
Dec 02 2006 20:02 GMT helton
::::::::what a marvelous poem & view Yasmin !!!!!!!!!::::::::
...a ssssuper & blessed weekend friend Yasmin.....................
Jul 25 2009 07:18 GMT Kem99
Nice photo, and poem!!