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Don't wait for the perfect moment,
take the moment and make it perfect.
Life isn't about waiting until things are perfect
to take a chance; life is about taking chances
when things aren't perfect to be able to pursue a
better tomorrow. We can't sit and wait for
perfect moments; we have to seize every
moment possible to get closer to becoming the
person we aspire to become.
Don't waste the precious time that God has given
you in each day. Instead take time to live your
life to the best of your ability. Live your life to
the fullest each day. You should never feel like
your missing out on life, or as if life is passing
you by! Seize the opportunities in front of you!
Don't spend your time in bed all day, hoping that
things soon will become perfect. If you are
going to get past where you are, nothing that
life gives to you without any work will be good
enough to do so. Life is much too short to just
hope, we have to be willing to step out, and make
things happen as well!
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