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Comments on this photo:

Nov 10 2006 18:41 GMT hamrahi
Great shot.....great entry:::::::::::::::::::
Nov 10 2006 18:45 GMT Elise
Great entry sweetie.......Great shot !!!
Nov 10 2006 18:45 GMT Lukesta
Thanks hamrahi :o)
Nov 10 2006 18:46 GMT Lukesta
Thanks Tiger eyes :o)
Nov 10 2006 18:51 GMT Lukesta
Cheers Qualquer :o)
Nov 10 2006 18:54 GMT Elise
/what is this place a WAR ZONE?? LOL
Nov 10 2006 18:54 GMT sini
a great lot of signs...great entry
Nov 10 2006 18:56 GMT Kaska
nice entry! so many warnings... :)
Nov 10 2006 18:58 GMT fhelsing PRO
live safely ...

... don't show up for work! :-)
Nov 10 2006 18:58 GMT Lukesta
The watch out for mines and enemy gunfire sign is missing!! ;o)

they sometimes film a tv show called 'the bill' there
Nov 10 2006 19:00 GMT Lukesta
So you had better be careful kaska! ;o)
Nov 10 2006 19:01 GMT Elise
the big bill or the small bill? :))
Nov 10 2006 19:01 GMT jamby PRO
woooohoooo...a very restricted area....impressive entry Luke!!!
Nov 10 2006 19:01 GMT mulhaqdesigner
Good Entry. Well Done ....
Fantastic photo :)))
Nov 10 2006 19:02 GMT Lukesta
hehe yeah seeing a sign like that dosnt make going to work look very inviting fhelsing ;o)
Nov 10 2006 19:05 GMT Lukesta
No bll is a good bill!! ....

'the bill' is slang for the police.... its a crap show
Nov 10 2006 19:06 GMT Lukesta
safety helmets and boots must be worn...yes jamby that means you as well!! ;o)
Nov 10 2006 19:11 GMT Kaska
seeing all those warnings.. i don't think i would enter the site .. not for any price... :))))
Nov 10 2006 19:14 GMT Lukesta
They are confused..there is a keep out sign, and then a leave safely sign as well ;os
Nov 10 2006 19:16 GMT Lubranco
Impressive! Great Entry!!
Nov 10 2006 19:27 GMT LizSA
Immpressive.....who will read alll that....wow....no children...high visibility jackets.. so kids stay out...please for your own safety......
great entry.....have a good weekend....
And yes I like your cake ...your Jamby cake iit is wonderful pretty and looks
delicious......mmmmnn...toothpaste and all...!!!
Nov 10 2006 20:11 GMT jomoud PRO
a great capture
I wonder how many read ll upon arrival?:):):)

excellen entry for this week's theme
Nov 10 2006 20:19 GMT Lukesta
thanks jormoud.. if i worked there i would say to the boss.. "i didnt come to work today because when arrived there was a sign on the gate saying 'keep out' so i went home again" ;o)
Nov 10 2006 20:45 GMT Midworlder PRO
Is there a warning about "Read Safely" I got eyestrain trying to read it all
Nov 11 2006 00:04 GMT nzshutter PRO
Excellent sign!! Its a wonder any work is performed here with all those warnings.
Nov 11 2006 00:52 GMT grumpyoldtrout
Great shot, do they get a day to read it before they start? lol
Nov 11 2006 07:42 GMT litz
i just want to arrive and leave safely...
and the rest would be fantastic!!!
awesome sign shot lukey!!!
Nov 11 2006 08:59 GMT genese
lol @ trout
bit long winded great sign !
Nov 11 2006 14:35 GMT crucyphot
Great shot !!!!
All situations are signalised.
Nov 13 2006 23:56 GMT dannybyob
Nov 15 2006 08:52 GMT fredaH
lets break the rules!!!!! ;)))